Simple Home Treatment/Remedies for “Feet finger decomposition” its symptoms and reason

Decomposition of feet finger


Toes of those persons who work in water for long time start to decay.


  1. If someone has been suffering from decomposition of feet fingers, apply mustard oil on his affected part and spray henna. Mix 50 grams turmeric and 100 grams henna and take it twice a day; it provides relief in decomposition of the feet fingers caused by more in water.
  2. If someone has been suffering from decomposition of the feet fingers due excessively working in water, mix one spoon heena with half spoon turmeric with one spoon of henna and apply it on his fingers twice a day regularly. It provides relief. It can be used in roughness or wound of the hand too. If any part of body becomes decayed, henna should be used to get excessive relief.
  3. If decomposition or wound occurs on the feet fingers due to working in water, wash the fingers with catechu water and apply dried powder of catechu too. It provides relief.

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