5 Simple Home Treatment/Remedies for “Polio” its symptoms and reason


What is Polio:

Polio takes one to five years old children in its grasp. It is such type of virus, which enters in the body of infant and children, who are younger than five year. This disease makes hands and feet unable consequently, they become handicap. In this disease, affected children cannot walk straightly and they are also unable in doing work with their hands.

Causes :

Polio is a disease, which spreads due to a virus. This virus is known by the name of poliovirus in scientific language. This virus causes swelling after infecting on the white part of the major nerve (sushumuna). Childs hand and feet become unable to do work due to this disease. Besides it, this virus reaches in the body and even in the head because of having polluted meals consequently, cells of the head start to decay. If a pregnant woman does not obtain balanced diet that has protein in enough quantity, such children may be the victim of polio.

Symptoms :

In this disease victim child suffers from headache, sensation of pricking in the head and symptoms of pain and restlessness appear in the victims body. The victim feels stiffness in the spinal cord. All these symptoms disappear within 2-3 days and hands and feet are not able in working. In this way the child becomes handicap and his future becomes dark. The child affected from this disease becomes unable in walking and doing other deeds.

Treatment :

  1. When the disease of polio founded first time, doctors failed to know this disease but now doctors has knows about this disease properly. So, doctors say in this time that polio drops must be given to five years old children by this infection of polio virus is ended. At present time, polio drop is available at every hospital and primary health center. Nowadays, polio team goes door to door to give polio drop. Nothing should be given to children before and after 30 minutes of giving polio drops.
  2. Polio infection is ended by taking polio drops. Such children never become the victims of polio who have taken polio drops. If we give 2 to 4 pods of garlic to children with water, polio infection does not come near about children.
  3. Give one spoon honey and half spoon oil of smell fennel with half cup of warm water on empty stomach in the morning and at night after having meal to the patient of polio to get benefit.
  4. Shuffle two leaves of sacred fig with two leaves of sebestan and give it to the patient of polio after sieving with salt daily. Its use provides a lot of relief soon.

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