5 Simple Home Treatment/Remedies for “Chronic Otitis Media” its symptoms and reason

Chronic Otitis Media

What is Chronic Otitis Media:

When otitis becomes chronic, tissues near about the ear start to decay and pus generates in them. This pus has to remove again and again with the help of a cloth.

Treatment :

  1.  Mix caraway powder or its decoction in water and wash the ear twice or thrice a day with it. Or 3-4 drops of this water can be poured into the ear to get relief. Its use provides a lot of relief and no sound produces in the ear.
  2.  Mix kamala in oil and pour 2-3 drops into the ear thrice a day viz in the morning, at noon and at the time of sleeping. Pus from the ear stops within a few days by its use.
  3.  2-3 drops oil, prepared by cooking bay berry, should be poured into the ear 3-4 times a day. Its use stops the pus from the ear.
  4.  Earache ends by washing ear with the decoction twice or thrice day and the patient gets a lot of relief.
  5.  Prepare 3 percent borax mixture and pour into ear drop by drop after every 2-3 hours. Its use provides a lot of relief.
  6.  Chronic otitis media disappears by taking 1\4 gram tumburu powder twice a day. Or wash the ear with its fruit decoction twice or thrice a day. Its use provides a lot of relief.
  7.  Mix gummy gardema in hot water and filter. Pour 2-3 drops of this mixture into the ear 3-4 times a day. Its use ends the chronic otitis media.

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