10 Simple Home Treatment/Remedies for “Thigh Numbness” its symptoms and reason

Numbness of the Thighs

Introduction :

The thighs become numb and senseless due to this disease. It is called numbness of the thighs (Urustambh).

Causes :

The gas becomes polluted by eating hot, cold, dry, heavy and light food stuff, night vigil, sleeping in day, hard work, mourning, fear and anorexia there after it mixes with aam. After that, it enters in the thighs after mixing with bile and wet phlegm fills in the thighs because of which thighs become numb.

Symptoms :

In this case, the spasm occurs in the both thighs of the patient and swelled and excessive heavy thighs appear. The patient feels pain while movement. Calf and thighs of the patient become wet with sweat because of that he feels unbearable pain while putting and lifting up feet.

Meal and Abstinence :

Basmati rice, soup of pigeon or hen meat juice, garlic, sespadula, bitter guard, brinjal, ginger and pulse of green gram, lentil and gram should be taken with some ghee and whey. Puri or cooked vegetables, bread, pudding (Which is prepared from suji, ghee and sugar), date and currants should be taken at night, it brings phlegm out. Besides it, the patient who suffers from numbness of thigh should take red rice, brinjal, lambs quarters, food stuff of sesame, honey, cow urine, etc.

Kidney bean, jiggery, fish, curd, excessive food stuff, heavy and foodstuff, food stuff (Which increases phlegm), greasy, light and cold food stuff should not be taken in this disease.

Treatment :

  1.  Make the fine powder by grinding equal quantity of small peppers, cyprus, trifala, pier chaba and helle-bore together then filter it. Lick 6 grams this powder with honey, it is useful to end numbness of the thighs.
  2.  Mix powder of long peppers with a decoction of leaves of five leaved chast and take, it ends thigh numbness and brings out phlegm from the bones.
  3.  Make a paste by grinding winter cherry and false calumba with cow urine. Coat this paste on the affected part; it is useful to ends numbness of thighs.
  4.  Make a paste by grinding datura leaves with mustard powder and coat it on the affected part, it provides relief in numbness of thighs.
  5.  Make a paste by grinding winter cherry, mudar root, dode of poppy seeds, garlic, black peppers, black cumin seeds, bark of horse radish, jayanti leaves and mustard with cow urine then heat it. Coat this paste on the thighs, it provides relief in numbness of the thighs.
  6.  Take myrabalan chebulie and pure cluster fig with cow urine, it is useful to end swelling and pain of the thighs.
  7.  Make a decoction by boiling equal quantity of eagle wood and dry ginger with water. Take this decoction; it ends numbness of the thighs and other parts of the body.
  8.  Take 10-15 ml staff tree oil is useful to end numbness of the thighs. It brings out phlegm and pus from the bones too.
  9.  Numbness of the thighs and other parts of the body is ended by tying leaves of pudding pipe tree.
  10.  Numbness of the thigh is ended by rubbing Kasumba oil on the thighs.
  11.  Mix Kasumba oil with water and rub it on the affected part, it ends numbness of the thighs. Grind kasumba with water and coat it, it makes blood circulation fast.

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