10 Simple Home Treatment/Remedies for “Nails Wound” its symptoms and reason

Nails Wound

Introduction :

The wound, which occurs in the corner of the nails of the finger due to inflammation, is called nails wound. The patient feels unbearable pain in this disease.

Treatment :

  1.  Mix the fine powder of turmeric with jaggery and heat it on fire. Tie this mixture on the affected part, it provides relief in nails wound.
  2.  Grind myrabalan chebulie with water and mix honey in it. Apply this mixture on the nails; it cures wound and pain of the nails soon.
  3.  Mix coriander powder with barley-flour and apply it on the nails as well as tie bandage upon it. It provides relief in wound and inflammation of the nails.
  4.  Mix dikamali with water and store it. Soak bandage in this mixture properly and tie it on the nails, it cures nails wound.
  5.  Mix kamala with oil and apply it on the nails, it all types of wound of the nails.
  6.  Take the decoction of black helle-bore twice a day regularly to get relief from pain caused by nails wound.
  7.  Apply ground seeds of staff tree on the nails; it is useful to end inflammation and wound of the nails soon.
  8.  Wound and inflammation of the nails are cured by dripping oil of bay-berry on the nails.
  9.  Mix 20 ml sesame oil, 10 grams vinegar and 5 grams ground mustard together. Heat this mixture and prepare ointment from it. Apply this ointment on the affected part, it cures nails wound caused by tear.
  10.  Nails wound is cured by tying ground leaves of pomegranate on the affected.
  11.  Tie bandage on broken nail and urinate on it, it provides relief from pain and cures wound of the nails.
  12.  Grind salt and mango powder together then mix it with water. Wound and pain are cured by applying this mixture on the affected.
  13.  If someone has been suffering from nails wound caused by root out nails, wash the nails with lukewarm water. Now grind turmeric, ghee and almond 10 grams each together properly. Apply this mixture on the nails, it provides relief in pain and wound.

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