Simple Home Treatment/Remedies for “Sinusitis” its symptoms and reason


What is Sinusitis:

The swelling of scienaso membrane is called sinusitis. Sinusitis can be fast or chronic, and it can affect to one or more sinuses.

Mostly, sinusitis occurs after occurring swelling on the breathing system or common catarrh. The patient feels pain on the swelling part and suffers from fever.

If the brain sinusitis occurs, pain occurs on the brain, and patient feels heaviness and blankness. The patient feels unbearable pain in the head in the morning, which increases due to bend from down side. The patient feels unbearable pain due to press affected part.

If macgily sinusitis occurs, the pain occurs on the face or jaw. The swelling and redness occur on the affected part in sinusitis. In this case, liquid element comes out from the nose with pain.

When catarrh has been choked by the use of medicines, chronic sinusitis occurs. Chronic macgily sinusitis can occur after dantvidradhi. The patient feels pain after some-some times due to chronic sinusitis. Pain, light fever and comes out liquid element from the nose etc. are symptoms of macgily sinusitis.

Treatment :

The patient should take rest in the condition of fast sinusitis.


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