5 Simple Home Treatment/Remedies for “Breathing Disorders” its symptoms and reason

The Disorders, Which Occur Due To Breathing Problems

Treatment :

  1. Make a decoction by boiling Malabar nut, turmeric, coriander, tinospora, long peppers, dry ginger and ringwani 20 grams each with water. Mix one gram chilly powder in this decoction and give it to the patient thrice a day, it cures all types of breathing problems.
  2. Dry panchang (Stem, root, leaves, fruit and flower) of small tree of Malabar nut in shadow and filter it with the help of cloth. Take 10 grams this panchang, itcures breathing problems and brings out phlegm.
  3. The patient who suffers from breathing problems should smell powder of pyllitory root to cure breathing problems.
  4. Boil marrow of pudding pipe tree with water and give it to the patient to drink, it brings out phlegm with loose motions and cures breathing problems.
  5. Mix 5 grams fig with 5 grams gourakh tamarind and take it in the morning regularly, it cures heart problems and breathing problems.
  6. Soak powder of ashoka seeds in water and give it to the patient to suck, it cures breathing problems.

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