5 Simple Home Treatment/Remedies for “Hand-Feet Spasm” its symptoms and reason-2

Spasm of the Hand and Feet

Treatment :

  1. Heat onion juice and rub it on the feet soles, it cure spasm of the hand and feet.
  2. Rub castor oil on the hand-feet for 2-3 minutes slowly-slowly, it is useful to cure spasm of the hand and feet caused by cold.
  3. Boil 25 grams ground peels of castor root with 500 ml water until it remains half water then filter it. Mix 125 ml sesame oil in this decoction and boil it again until it burns water then cool it. Rub this oil on the feet joints to get relief in joints pain.
  4. Burn pieces of 2 fruits of datura in 125 ml mustard oil and filter it after cooling. Rub it on the affected part; it is useful for pain and spasm of the hand and feet.
  5. Mix about  parts honey with hartal ash and take it twice a day regularly, it cures spasm of the hand and feet.

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