10 Simple Home Treatment/Remedies for “Beriberi” its symptoms and reason


What is Beriberi :

In beriberi disease, the quantity of vitamin-B reduces from body due to eating polished rice because of which neural pain, paralysis, dryness in muscles, swelling, etc. occurs in the body.

Causes :

The patient body suffers from weakness, feet swelling and fast pulsation due to beriberi disease because of which he feels problems while breathing. The fever does not occur in this disease but swelling part of the body becomes inactive. Mostly, swelling occurs in the penis and testicles (Nimnang) in this disease. Mostly, beriberi disease is found in such patients who take polished rice. The patient, who takes bread, possibly suffers form this disease.

Meal and abstinence :

Green vegetable and green cooked vegetable should be taken.

The patient should drink orange juice.

The patient should take food stuff of more protein.

Don’t take polished rice. Salt should be taken in less quantity.

Treatment :

  1.  In the beginning, take 10-15 drops oil of staff tree with milk or cream twice a day to get relief in beriberi.
  2.  Take staff tree seeds with dry ginger to get relief in beriberi. One seed should be increased day by day till 50 seeds thereafter one seed should be decreased till one seed. These seeds should be taken with dry ginger. It reduces urine quantity and ends swelling slowly. Sensibility returns back slowly and the body veins become healthy.
  3.  Keep attention: Only oil or seed of staff tree should be used.
  4.  Make a paste by grinding small fennel and apply it on the affected part, it ends swelling of the hand and feet.
  5.  Make a paste by grinding cactus root with rosewater. Apply this paste on the affected part; it is useful to end swelling of the hand and feet.
  6.  Make a powder by grinding seeds of flavieria repanda and toast it with ghee. Take 1.5 grams to 3 grams this powder twice a day to get relief in beriberi. This medicine is very useful to cure beriberi.
  7.  Mix 10-30 drops juice of garlic with milk and take it 2-3 times in a day, it provides relief in beriberi.
  8.  Take 3-6 grams powder of Himalayan cedar twice a day, it is useful to end body swelling.
  9.  Take 20-40 ml decoction of ground root of gmelina arborea twice a day regularly, it is useful to end feet swelling.
  10.  Take one spoon potato juice twice a day regularly, it is useful to cure beriberi.
  11.  Take orange juice, it is useful to cure beriberi within some time.
  12.  It contains vitamin-B in enough quantity, so it is useful to cure beriberi.

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