35 Simple Home Treatment/Remedies for “Pneumonia” its symptoms and reason


What is Pneumonia:

When the swelling occurs in the lungs due to any cause, it is called pneumonia. The one lung suffers from swelling in this disease but if both lungs suffer from swelling, it is called double pneumonia. Swelling of the lungs is called pneumonia. In this case, the lungs become hard due to swelling. If this disease occurs in the children, it is called rickets. It is a condition of sinnipatta fever.

Causes :

Pneumonia is caused by changing weathers, hard work, drinking excessive cold water, living in cold air and taking cold food stuff. Some doctors consider that pneumonia occurs due to specially germs. Treatment of this disease should be done soon otherwise it may be the cause of death.

Symptoms :

First of all, pneumonia patient feels cold and after that he suffers from fever. Eyes and face of the patient become red and he suffers from excessive thirst. Tongue becomes dirty, headache, anorexia; fits with dried cough, chest warmth, breathing problems, lungs become decay, etc. are symptoms of this disease. It is a hard disease and also increases. When the fever becomes fast in this disease, ribs pain originates with cough. In this case, the phlegm checks in the patient chest and he suffers from suffocate. The patient feels voice of phlegm while breathing in the chest. Holes occur in the down part of lungs and face becomes rough. The patient feels mystification and his lips become blue. The pain occurs in ribs and tongue becomes black after drying in this disease.

Meal and abstinence :

The patient should take easy digestible food stuff in pneumonia and rest. Sesapadula, ribbed luffa, bitter gourd, apple, and pomegranate, and spinach, juice of hoarse gram and bread of barley or wheat should be taken. Mix ginger with cow milk and take it at noon. Boiled water should be drunk after cooling (drought by drought). The patient must walk after meal. Sugar or honey should be used with milk.

Greasy food stuff as ghee and oil should not be taken. Exercise, physically or mentally hard work, sex, cold water, anger, sleeping in day, milk and milky food stuff should not be used. Sour, pithi, sweets of fine-flour, water-melon, meat, fish and betel should not be taken.

Treatment :

  1.  Grind barahsinga with water and coat it on the ribs. It is useful to cure pneumonia.
  2.  Make a powder by grinding equal quantity of radish seeds and pistachia intergerma together. Giving  parts this powder to the children with ghee and honey for 6 hours (to lick) is useful to cure asthma breathing problems and pneumonia of the children.
  3.  Take 1-3 grams powder of runia cardfolia with honey thrice a day regularly; it cures pneumonia, swelling and pain.
  4.  Fomenting front and back part of the chest with salt poultice brings out phlegm after melting and provides relief in pain swelling and pneumonia.
  5.  If any child has been suffering from whirr of the throat and chest, mix 10-20 drops juice of leaves of red Malabar-nut with toasted borax or small peppers and take it with honey after every 4-6 hours. It brings out phlegm from the chest and cures swelling caused by pneumonia.
  6.  Mix juice of 4 leaves of black Malabar-nut, juice of horse radish bark, salt and honey together. Swelling and inflammation of the lungs are cured by taking it regularly.
  7.  Mix salt with cow urine and take it in half spoon quantity twice a day. It is useful to cure pneumonia.
  8.  Take 10-20 ml juice of five leaved chest leaves twice a day as well as grind Indian five leaved and leaves of Indian beach, neem and datura together. Heat this mixture and apply it on the chest. Cloth should be tied on the chest after coating it. Use this process for some days regularly; it is useful to cure swelling and pain of the lungs.
  9.  Pneumonia is cured by taking a decoction of leaves of five leaved chast regularly.
  10.  Grind 3 grams toasted borax with 3 grams toasted blue copper sulphate and mix ginger juice in it. Prepare tablets (equal of millet) from this mixture and dry it in shadow. Give one tablet to the children with breast milk twice a day; it is useful to cure pneumonia.
  11.  Mix one pinch puffed borax, one pinch puffed alum, one spoon basil juice, one spoon ginger juice and half spoon juice of betel leaf together. Mix this mixture with honey and take it twice a day. It provides very relief in pneumonia.
  12.  Mix 5 ml garlic juice with 20 grams honey and give it to the patient to lick thrice a day regularly. It is useful to cure pneumonia.
  13.  Mix one spoon garlic juice with lukewarm water and give it to the patient to drink. It is useful to cure pneumonia.
  14.  Toast garlic pods in fire and prepare powder from it. Take one pinch this powder with honey 3-4 times in a day; it is useful to cure inflammation and swelling of the lungs.
  15.  Pneumonia is cured by taking one spoon garlic juice with lukewarm water.
  16.  Mix 2 grams camphor with 10 ml turpentine oil and rub it on the ribs. It provides relief in pneumonia.
  17.  Mix camphor with 4 folds mustard oil and rub it on the ribs to cure pain.
  18.  Make a decoction by boiling Indian cinnamon, big cardamom, cobra saffron, camphor, cubeb, eagle wood and cloves with water. Pneumonia is cured by taking this decoction twice a day.
  19.  Mix one spoon ginger juice with one spoon basil juice and take it with honey to cure pneumonia.
  20.  Mix old ghee (1-2 years old) and camphor with ginger juice there after heat it. Rub this mixture on the chest, it provides relief in pneumonia.
  21.  If someone has been suffering from pneumonia, fill  parts asafoetida in 3-4 dry grapes and take it thrice a day. It is useful to cure pneumonia within one week.
  22.  Boil 20 grams green leaves of basil, 5 black peppers, 3 cloves, 2 pinches turmeric and one knot ginger with water until half water remains then filter it. Take this decoction twice a day for 10 days regularly; it is useful to cure pneumonia.
  23.  Mix equal quantity of dry ginger, juice of basil leaves and powder of long peppers together. Pneumonia is cured by taking it.
  24.  Grind 5 black peppers with 20 ml juice of green leaves of basil and give it to the patient to cure pneumonia.
  25.  Digestive activity of the patient becomes effect in the pneumonia, so pure honey should be rubbed on the chest and ribs as well as honey should be taken with lukewarm water.
  26.  Make a powder by grinding Indian gooseberry, cumin seed, long peppers, and seeds of cow hage and myrabalan chebulie together. Pneumonia is cured by taking this powder with honey twice a day.
  27.  Apply ground fruit of cuttle fish bone on the children chest, it is useful to cure pneumonia.
  28.  Take 3-6 grams powder of Naagdanti root with cinnamon twice a day, it is useful to cure pneumonia soon.
  29.  If any small child suffers from mystification in the chest and cough, give 1-2 drops Bahngreya juice to the child thrice a day regularly, it cures rickets.
  30.  Pneumonia is cured by taking 3-6 grams powder of Ranicool panchang (axis, root, leaves, fruit and flower) with honey.
  31.  Put bark of Large flowered agati root in betel nut and suck it or taking 10-20 ml juice of large flowered agati twice a day brings out phlegm. Use it brings out sweat and reduces fever slowly.
  32.  Mix fresh juice of mint with honey and take it after every one hour. It is useful to cure pneumonia.
  33.  Toast 2 long peppers on fire and grind it. Mix this powder with one spoon honey and give it to the children thrice a day. It is useful to cure rickets.
  34.  Heat juice of neem leaves there after rub it on the chest to cure pneumonia.

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