15 Simple Home Treatment/Remedies for “Rib Pain” its symptoms and reason

Rib Pain


The veins become tight due to check phlegm in the lungs because of that patient suffer from ribs pain. Sometimes, when the patient suffers from cold, phlegm stops on the upper side and does not come out. The parson who takes such types food stuff, which originate gas, suffers from this disease. This disease occurs due to taking cold food stuff and cold weather.

Symptoms :

The pain occurs in the body due to air affects. Unbearable pain occurs in the chest. The sweat comes out on the patient forehead because of that uneasiness of the patient increases.

Meal and abstinence :

The patient who suffers from rib pain should not take cold food stuff. Light hot oil should be rubbed on the affected part. It ends coldness and provides relief in disease.

Treatment :

  1.  Mix 20 grams caraway and 5 buds of garlic with 250 ml mustard oil. Boil this mixture on light fire until half oil remains then filter it and fill in bottle. Rub this oil on the chest and ribs, it provide relief in pain.
  2.  Mix half pinch shrung ash with garlic juice and take it with honey, it provides relief in ribs pain.
  3.  Rub camphor on the chest and ribs, it is useful to cure pain.
  4.  Suck cloves, it reduces cough and brings out phlegm easily. Clove is useful to cure cough, asthma and breathing problems.
  5.  Boil 5 basil leaves and cloves with milk. Give this preparation to the children, it makes the chest strong and stops ribs pain.
  6.  Grind asafoetida with water and coat it on the ribs, it provides relief from pain.
  7.  Grind 30 grams dry ginger and boil it with water. Take this preparation, it provides relief in all types of pain of the ribs.
  8.  Mix some vermillion with honey and coat it on clean cloth. Stick this cloth on the affected part and foment it, it provides relief in ribs pain soon.
  9.  Ribs pain disappears by taking lukewarm water after meals.
  10.  Boil one spoon caraway with 250 ml water until  parts remains then filter. Take 2 spoons this hot decoction at bedtime regularly; it provides relief in ribs pain within 2-4 days.
  11.  Grind asafoetida and horn of barasinga with dhatura juice and makueya juice. Coat it on the ribs, it provides relief in pain.
  12.  Grind one gram pure blue copper shulphat with kanja seeds and mix it with pulp of idoran fruit. Prepare tablets (equal of  parts) from it. Tie these tablets on the ribs part, it provides relief from pain.
  13.  Grind asafoetida with lukewarm water and rub it on the ribs, it provides relief in pain.
  14.  Grind some black sesame with mudar milk until turns into dark pest then heat it. Coat it on the affected ribs and coat sesame oil on mudar leaf there after heat this leaf on grid and tie it on the affected ribs with bandage. It is useful to cure ribs pain.
  15.  Boil 30 grams dry ginger with 500 ml water and filter it. Take this preparation 4 times in a day, it provides relief in pain.
  16.  Grind sambhar horn with water and mix it with honey. This preparation should be coated on the ribs to get relief in rib pain.
  17.  Mix 10 ml lemon juice, 3 grams impure carbonate of potash and 6 grams honey together. Take this mixture, it provides relief from pain of the ribs, heart and stomach.

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