15 Simple Home Treatment/Remedies for “Pleurisy” its symptoms and reason


What is Pleurisy:

When any type of liquid checks between the membranes (which cover to the lungs) and lungs, it is called pleurisy. The fever occurs due to pleurisy and patient feels problems while breathing. When the patient (who suffers from pleurisy) take breathe, he feels pain the chest.

Causes :

Swelling of the lungs occurs due to excessive cold, taking cold food stuff in excessive quantity, wetting in rain, etc. causes. Mostly, small children and youth suffer from this disease.

According to some doctors, pleurisy occurs due to infection of the germs. Mostly, the infection of this germ increases in cold environment. This disease can occur due to hurt in the chest. It also can occur due to tuberculosis, measles, pneumonia, traumatic fever and influenza.

Symptoms :

The patient suffers from ribs pain with cough in this case. The patient feels excessive cold and tremble occurs in the body. He also feels pain in the chest as pricking. If this disease occurs in the girls, unbearable pain originates in the nipples. The patient feels problems while breathing. Unbearable pain occurs in the chest while breathing due to pleurisy because of that patient becomes compel for small breathing. Excessive phlegm discharges with cough, light fever, weakness, mystification every time and feels relief while sitting after standing are symptoms of pleurisy.

Meal and abstinence :

The patient should live separate from cold environment in the condition of pleurisy and should not take cold food stuff. The patient suffers from excessive cough in this disease so he should take such medicines which cure cough. Wheat chapatti, pulse of green gram, sahli rice, goat milk and cow milk should be taken.

Heavy food stuff, curd, fish and cold syrup should not be taken in this disease.

Treatment :

  1.  Tie sand or salt with any cloth and make light hot. Fomenting the chest with this cloth provides relief in lungs swelling and cures pain too.
  2.  Foment the chest with linseed poultice, it provides very relief in lungs swelling.
  3.  Take one spoon juice of basil leaves twice a day regularly, it provides very relief in swelling.
  4.  Grind hogweed root with dry ginger and rub it on the chest. It is useful to cure swelling and pain.
  5.  Mix one gram powder of clove with ghee and honey. Take this mixture twice a day; it is useful to cure cough and breathing problems.
  6.  Mix  parts to one gram toasted asafoetida (toast with ghee) with water and give it to the patient to drink. It provides relief in lungs swelling.
  7.  The patient suffers from unbearable pain in the vachhavaran mambrane or phusphus pak. In this condition, take about half to one gram powder of black helle-bore with honey twice a day, it provides relief in pain and swelling of the lungs.
  8.  Give 1-3 grams powder of runia cardfolia to the patient thrice a day, it provides very relief in pain and swelling of the lungs.
  9.  Make a decoction by boiling, hogweed, black helle-bore and dry ginger with water. Take about 2-40 to 12-20 grams nitre with this decoction twice a day, it provides relief in pleurisy.
  10.  Take about parts to one gram gum guggul with jaggery 3-4 times in a day regularly, it provides very relief in swelling and pain of the lungs.
  11.  Coat paste of datura leaves on the chest and back or foment the affected part with decoction of datura leaves or rub its oil on the affected part. It is useful to cure pain and swelling of the lungs.
  12.  Take 3-6 grams bark of Croton oblongifolius root with cinnamon provides very relief in pleurisy.
  13.  Fill powder of fruit or some root of vishala in hubbel-bubble and smoke with it. It provides relief in pleurisy.
  14.  Gargle with spinach juice to get relief in throat swelling, pleurisy and cough.
  15.  Pleurisy is cured by taking about 140-280 ml juice of hogweed root twice a day.
  16.  Mix one gram trifala powder and one gram shilajeet with 70-140 milliliters cow urine. Take this mixture twice a day, it brings out chokes water from the lungs and provides relief in pain.
  17.  Make a powder by grinding root and wood of Arjuna. Pleurisy is cured by taking 3-6 grams this powder with 100-250 milliliters cow milk twice a day.
  18.  Take 15-30 milliliters juice of fresh leaves of basil empty stomach twice a day, it provides very relief in pleurisy quickly. This quantity should be increased slowly. It makes normal to fever within 2-3 days and cures within 7-10 days.


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