15 Simple Home Treatment/Remedies for “Lung Diseases” its symptoms and reason

Lung Diseases

Introduction :

There are two lungs in our body and both lungs have about 30 crores to 65 crores chamber. Space of their surface is about 90 square meters. The shape of the lungs is like cone and their base stays on the counter of stomach and touches to the lower portion of the high neck.

Purification of air we take while breathing is the main job of lungs. When lungs get affected from any disease, they do not purify the air properly. In this case, several kinds of diseases take birth in the body. So, treatment should be started soon just after becoming aware about the disease.

Treatment :

  1. Soak 15 fresh and clean pieces of dry grapes in water at overnight. In the morning, separate seeds from dry grapes and chew it (dry grapes) one by one. Remained water should be drunk with some sugar or without sugar. Using this process for one month regularly ends lungs weakness and poisonous pus. It is also useful to cure asthma fits, chronic cough, catarrh and stomach disorders. It provides relief in constipation, piles, epistaxis and mouth blisters too. Take it helps in urination clearly and increases red corpuscles in the blood. It purifies the blood and increases blood, sperm count and strength.
  2. Take one spoon pure honey regularly, it makes the lungs strong. This process should be used for one month regularly. Keep attention that honey should not be taken only for taste without need after curing disease.
  3. Grape should be taken in the condition of all types of disorders of the lungs as tuberculosis, cough, catarrh and asthma.
  4. Boil 5 figs with one glass water and give it to the patent to drink. By using this process twice a day regularly lungs diseases are not generated.
  5. Using garlic brings out phlegm so garlic should be used after meals.
  6. Gargles should be done with spinach juice in the condition of cough, throat inflammation and lungs swelling.
  7. Boil 5 long peppers and sugar with milk. Taking this mixture twice a day. It is useful to cure cough and lungs swelling.
  8. Grind fine equal quantity of dried leaves of basil, catechu, camphor and cardamom with 9 folds water. Take one pinch this mixture twice a day regularly; it brings out choked phlegm from the lungs.
  9. Liqourica provides relief in lungs swelling, hoarseness, swelling and cough of dried phlegm. It provides strength to the lungs. It is useful to cure lungs disorders. It can be taken with betel leaf. Its decoction is used in the condition of tuberculosis.
  10. Mix  cup water with one cup rosewater and take it twice or thrice a day to cure chest inflammation, nausea, etc. diseases.
  11. Mull-berry leaves are useful to cure liver disorders, lungs disease, lungs inflammation, fever, headache, throat pain and cough. It provides relief in pain redness and blowing of the eyes. It also provides relief in blood vomiting.
  12. The blood circulates and brain get excessive oxygen by lungs due to activity of long breath because of that bring out harmful elements and gas elements. It makes the body fresh and attractive completely.
  13. Now-a-days every person walks instead of long running and do light exercise instead of dangerous exercise. According to Indian rishiyo (saints), walking and exercise should be done before sunrise and in the evening for living healthy. The person who uses vehicle instead of walking suffers from diabetes and high blood pressure now-a-days. The person who walks 3-4 kilometers regularly does not suffer from heart diseases and diabetes.
  14. Long breathing activity after walking: The person should use long breathing activity after walking because of that does not generate lungs disorders but human lives young always. The person feels only this activity (while walking in the morning) that when take breath, breath should be pulled in the nose very easily and when push breath, long inflated should be thrown from the mouth with power. After throwing breath with very power, when the person will take breath from the nose after closing mouth, breath will become long by itself.

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