15 Simple Home Treatment/Remedies for “Chest Wound” its symptoms and reason

Chest Wound

What is Chest Wound:

Chest wound is dangerous disease of the chest in which wound occurs in the chest.

Causes :

Chest wound occurs due to many reasons as- Putting up heavy weight, stopping to the motorcycle with the help of chest, climbing on more height, falling down from the height, throwing spear and stone from the hand, fast running, excessive swimming, fast dancing, etc. It also occurs due to eat dried and less nutritive food and sexual intercourse after exhaustion, etc.

Symptoms :

Chest wound is called ‘Silrog in common language. In this disease, the patient feels as stone is putted on his chest by anybody and the chest becomes burst due to pressure. Chest or lungs become burst and wound occurs in this disease. Bleeding starts from the mouth due to lungs wound. The pus, which occurs due to mature of the chest wound, comes out from the mouth too. The patient suffers from unbearable pain of the chest, ribs, waist and back. Hematuria also occurs in this disease. Excessive cough, light loose motions, reduce of body power, sperm deficiency and discharge phlegm with blood are symptoms of this disease.

Meal and abstinence :

The patient who suffers from chest wound should not take bael, brinjal, bitter guard Indian mustard, oily food stuff, etc. Sex, sleeping in day, more anger and envy are very harmful for the patient.

Cold, oily, without acidity and light food stuff should be taken in the chest wound.

Treatment :

  1.  Make a decoction by boiling 30 grams poppy seeds and 10 grams spogal seeds with 500 ml water until half water remains then filter it after putting down. Fill this decoction in calaydar pot and mix powder of 500 grams sugar candy, 9 grams cuscus and 9 grams gum of acacia arabica in it. Cook this mixture for few times and fill it in any china-pot or glass pot after becoming dark. This pot should be closed. Take 50 grams this preparation regularly, it is useful to cure chronic wound of the chest within few days.
  2.  Grind country, winter cherry, kumber fruit, asparagus gonoclodos and hogweed with milk. Take this preparation regularly, it cures swelling caused by chest wound and provides relief from pain.
  3.  Lick 3-6 grams fine soil of multani with honey, it is useful to cure chest wound.
  4.  Take 70-140 milliliters juice of fresh leaves of Malabar nut with honey twice a day, it provides relief in chest pain and cures chest wound too.
  5.  Take one gram powder of pure lachha with about 4-6 grams honey or 100-200 grams or 140 milliliters wine twice a day, it provides relief in chest wound.
  6.  Mix 100 grams barley-flour with 100 grams ghee properly and boil it with 250 milliliters milk. Take this preparation twice a day regularly, it cures wound and provides relief from pain.
  7.  Mix 10 grams barley sattu, 50 grams sugar and 50 grams honey together properly. This mixture should be taken with 250 milliliters milk twice a day to cure cheat wound.
  8.  Make a powder by grinding equal quantity of balamool powder, winter cherry, asparagus gonoclodos, hogweed and fruit of gmelina arborea together. 1-3 grams this powder should be taken with 100-250 milliliters milk twice a day to cure chest wound. It cures hematuria and pain too.
  9.  Make a powder by grinding equal quantity of thatch, lotus saffron and red sandal together. Mix 12-14 grams this powder with 4-6 grams honey and take it with milk twice a day to get more relief in chest wound.
  10.  Boil 1-3 grams powder of hogweed root and 24 grams tandul with 100-200 milliliters milk and juice of grapes. Chest wound is cured by taking this preparation twice a day.
  11.  Mix 6 grams paddy kheel with 100 ml milk and honey then take it. After two hours, mix sugar candy with 200 ml cow milk and take it, it cures chest wound.
  12.  Grind 3-6 grams laccifer lacca of peepal and lick it with honey, it cures chest wound.
  13.  Grind fine pink alum and mix it with honey. Lick this mixture, it cures chest wound.
  14.  Soak 10 grams copal (soft leaves) of acacia arabica, 10 grams pomegranate leaves, 10 grams Indian gooseberry and 6 grams coriander in cold water at overnight. In the morning, crush this mixture and mix some sugar candy in it. Take this preparation 3-4 times in a day, it stops mouth bleeding and provides relief from unbearable pain too.
  15.  Grind fine 6 grams dried leaves or 10 grams green leaves and mix it with honey. Take this mixture to stop mouth bleeding.

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