10 Simple Home Treatment/Remedies for “Roughness of Hands” its symptoms and reason

Roughness of The Hands


If the quantity of toxins starts to increase in the body, the skin becomes dry and rough. In this case, the skin of the hands becomes rough.


  1. Mix vinegar with water and wash the hand with this mixture, it provides relief in roughness.
  2. Mix some water with barley-flour and rub it on the hand, it provides relief in roughness.
  3. Mix clean wax and some camphor with sesamem oil. Heat this mixture and fill it in the bottle. Apply this mixture on the hands; it is useful to cure roughness.
  4. Rub juice of raw potato on the hands, it stops origination of wrinkle on the hand.
  5. Mix heena with lemon juice and apply it on the hands, it cures roughness of the hand and makes the hand soft. Thus, apply ground heena on the feet and separate after drying afterwards apply mustard oil on it, it cures roughness of the feet too.
  6. Mix lemon, rosewater, one ground almond and one spoon milk cream with  parts glycerin. Rub this mixture on the hands at night, it makes hands soft and fairs complexion too.
  7. Squeeze lemon juice in lukewarm water and put hands in this water for few times. Now mop the hands with towel properly, it ends all dirt of the hand afterwards apply any cream on the hand. Use this process regularly; it makes the hand soft and beautiful.
  8. Mix spoon sugar with lemon juice and rub the palms with together until sugar dissolves. Apply this mixture on the hands; it ends roughness and wrinkle of the hand.
  9. Mix  parts lemon juice, some glycerin, one spoon rosewater and few drops of rogan almond with some cream of milk then apply it on the hands at night. In the next morning, washing the hands with glycerin soap and lukewarm water, it makes the hands beautiful.

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