10 Simple Home Treatment/Remedies for “Empyema” its symptoms and reason


What is Empyema:

Pleurae is a membrane that covers around lung. When a type of liquid is filled between membrane and lung, and owing to any reason this liquid turns into pus, this condition is called empyema.

Treatment :

  1.  Toast asafoetida with ghee. Mix about ¼ parts to one gram this asafoetida with water and take it twice a day, it provides relief in empyema.
  2.  Mix Vidanbhed ground seeds with butter and coat it on the chest, it cures swelling caused by empyema.
  3.  Mix 250 ml turpentine oil, 25 grams liquorice and 20 grams honey together. Take about ¼ parts to one gram this mixture; it is useful to cure swelling caused by empyema.
  4.  Take 10-20 ml juice of leaves of five leaved chast twice a day as well as grind leaves of Indian beech, neem and datura together then heat it. Coat this mixture on the chest, it is useful to cure empyema within few days consequently,does not generate pus.
  5.  Coat ground leaves of Gynandropsis pentsphylla (Which flower is yellow) on the chest, it cures empyema, pain and pus.
  6.  Smell oil of tailpatra as well as grind its leaves and prepare syrup from it. Take 40-80 ml this syrup twice a day; it brings out old phlegm from the chest. It is useful to cure empyema.
  7.  Take 1-3 grams powder of runia card-folia regularly; it cures swelling and pain of the empyema.
  8.  Take 5-10 grams extract of Indian barbering with butter twice a day regularly, it provides relief in the empyema.
  9.  Take about ¼ parts to one gram gum guggul twice a day regularly; it ends pus caused by empyema. It provides relief in swelling and pain too.
  10.  Take about ¼ parts to half gram marrow of prunus mahalele regularly; it is useful to cure empyema.

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