Simple Home Treatment/Remedies for “Malaria Fever” its symptoms and reason

Malaria Fever

What is Malaria Fever :

Malaria occurs after feeling cold. In this fever, the body temperature of patient is 101° to 105°. It is a type of infectious fever, which occurs on the first, second, third and forth day after feeling cold and cures with the excretion of sweat. There are three stages of malaria. First, fever occurs with trembling, second is that sweat blows in excessive quantity and third and last stage of it fever cures after sweating. These are known as the symptoms of malaria. The patient also suffers from enlargement of the spleen and liver in this fever. Malaria spreads by the ‘Anopheles named female mosquito.

Causes :

Mostly, malaria occurs in the rainy season. Its mean is that this fever occurs due to the mosquitoes. These types of mosquitoes originate in the stagnant water of pits, ponds, gutter etc. The ‘anopheles named mosquito sucks the patients blood and when it bites to any other healthy person, he/she also suffers from this fever.

Symptoms :

Headache, nausea, vomiting, high fever after feeling cold and excessive sweat while reducing fever etc., are symptoms of this disease.

Avoidance :

The patient should take julab, which clears the stomach. Soak a piece of cloth in cold or ice water and put it on the forehead of the patient in the condition of high fever.

Precaution :

Do not allow collecting water in pits or other places because mosquitoes lay their eggs in such type of dirty water. Spread anti-bacterial medicines like D.D.T, B.H.C powder, or water of neem or tobacco, or kerosene oil on moistures walls, ponds, pits, gutter and other such type of places, where water can be gathered. The patient should drink boiled water and should not eat leafy vegetables.

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