Simple Home Treatment/Remedies for “Empyema” its symptoms and reason


What is Empyema :

Accumulation of pus in a body cavity, especially in the pleural cavity is called empyema. In this disease, a type of pleura can fill by pus, only one part of it can fill, or accumulation of pus may be packaged in any packet.

Ordinarily, the internal pus of the boil is thick and light yellow in this disease. In which the quantity of protein is increased, and pleura that has pus is filled with germs. Owing to destruction of pneumococcus occurred disease has Diffluent golden pus and owing to destruction of sudomonas payosayniyas occurred disease has green, yellow and offensive pus, and owing to destruction of streptococcus, occurred disease has fluid, light yellow color pus.

Because this pus has excessive quantity of fibrin so being accumulated pus create formation of fibrils because of which the pleura of affected part shrinks. In this condition, diffluent pus can lock in a packet. Sometimes, a sinus makes in the breast or chest mural resulting pus brings out form it.

Causes :

Mostly, the conditions of this disease occur because of swelling process. There are two condition of it as pneumonia and tuberculosis of pleura.

Sometimes, such conditions occur because of puncturing in the breast and chest or presenting any boil under the pleura or bursting pleura boil.

Symptoms :

In the disease, there are many symptoms appear in the patient as- rib swelling, feeling pressure and puncture, weakness, appearing illness, trembling, sweat with low fever, feeling excessive problems during blowing pus after that swelling fingers.

Diffluent pus appears with the help of x-ray. Diffluent pus is thick because of which the shadow of ribs clearly appear. Pleura become thick, and ribs and chest mural shrinks In case of chronic disease.

Check-up: We can clear the symptoms of this disease, bringing out pus form the chest mural when we inspect it. We will know that the quantities of white cells have increased in the blood (15, 000 to 20,000 a CU.ML) and multiform central cells have increased (70 percent to more than).

Treatment :

The treatment of Bringing pus out form the affected parts method is very useful because poisoning effects become less and affected pleura get the occasion of diffusion again. Use a syringe to bring out pus. If the disease has become chronic, bring out pus by operation. Sometimes, pleura can be brought out if the disease has come in dangerous mode.

The treatment of The use of appropriate anti-biotic method can be used to cure this disease. The use of anti-biotic medicine should be done according to the growth of pus and the susceptibility of pus related germs. In case of tuberculosis condition, the completely course of anti-biotic medicines of tuberculosis should be done.

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