Simple Home Treatment/Remedies for “Dropsy Fever – Soojan Jawar” its symptoms and reason

Dropsy Fever

(Soojan Jawar)

Introduction :

In male, if the swelling starts from feet and increases (stair up) to the upper portion then we can say that this fever is in complicated form. Similarly, if the swelling starts from mouth and decreases (stair down) to the feet in female then it is also in complicated form. The quality of blood decreased. The patient feels anorexia and severe pain in the whole body. The patient also feels burning sensation and constipation. There is a difficulty in evacuation of stool.

Symptoms :

The patient starts suffering from indigestion due to the affection of gastric and coughs. The indigestible juice of food reached in the intestines. Because of it, anorexia, pain in body, burning sensation in the stomach, thirst and looseness of the bowels are occurring. The whole body starts to become yellowish. It is also known as dropsy (shoth).

Treatment :

Take the decoction of dashmool and dry zingber is useful in the fever caused by swelling.

Take 25-25g of all ten medicines of dashmool and prepare decoction by boiling all. When water remains one-forth then filter it. Give this decoction to the patient after adding a little honey in it daily early in the morning. It is beneficial in dropsy, puerperal fever, collapse fever and many types of vatta diseases.

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