Simple Home Treatment/Remedies for “Common Fever” its symptoms and reason

Common Fever

Introduction :

Generally, normal temperature of the human body is 98.4 degree Celsius but when the temperature becomes high from it, this stage is called common fever. Infection of germs becomes the cause of fever. These germs produce poisonous substance named payrogen and a kind of disturbance comes in that portion of the brain which controls the temperature and the stage of fever appears.

Treatment :

Roast Raisin (dry grape) and then sprinkle a little rock salt on it. Taking this mixture gets rid of anorexia, normal fever or vomiting. If there is no phlegm in the throat, prunus domestica can also be given to the patient.

Collect 10-10g bark of bead tree, fiagonia arabica and 10 pieces of the seed of garden endive and then grind all of them and soak it in 50 ml to 100 ml water. Give this preparation to the patient by crushing or filtering before feeling cold in fever. The patient does not become the victim of fever by its only two doses.

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