Simple Home Treatment/Remedies for “Acute Bronchitis – Teevra Swasni Shoth” its symptoms and reason

Acute Bronchitis

(Teevra Swasni Shoth)

What is Acute Bronchitis :

The fast swelling, which occurs in the respiratory pipe caused by pustules germs, is called acute bronchitis. Mostly, acute bronchitis belongs with larynx swelling. Normally, this disease belongs with catarrh, influenza, whooping cough or chronic larynx swelling.

Causes :

Acute bronchitis is caused by wetting in rain, cold, living in the dirty particle and fog environment. Mostly, this type of disease occurs in the winter seasons.

Symptoms :

First of all, cough occurs in acute bronchitis and after that white thick phlegm discharges. First of all, little phlegm discharges with cough and after some days phlegm becomes yellow. Sometimes, less quantity of blood comes out with phlegm too. The patient feels scratched pain behind sterner, which increases due to cough. Light fever, headache, body pain and anorexia originate in this disease.

If acute bronchitis occurs again and again, it can change into chronic. Bronchopneumonia and pneumonia are other series symptoms of this disease, which occur in old person and children mostly.

Treatment :

Boil water on fire and take its steam, it comes out phlegm after melting and cures acute bronchitis.

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