5 Simple Home Treatment/Remedies for “Smoking” its symptoms and reason


Introduction :

Smoking is very harmful for our body. Smoking is mean-taking smoke. Smoking with biri, cigarette, purgative croton, Indian hemp, hubble-bubble, etc. enters polluted smoke in the lungs and pharynx because of which they become suffer. Its bad effects affect on the health by talking it.

Smoking a cigarette reduces about 5-6 minutes of life daily. The human takes breath 21,600 times in 24 hours but smoking bad effects affect on the every parts of breathing system. The swelling occurs in the nose, throat, pharynx, and lungs membrane by its use because of which cough occurs.

Smoking may be caused of cancer. Cigarette paper contains tar named element carcinogenic. Contraction of the pharynx may be caused of heart-attack. The polluted gas as carbanmonoside, hydrogen oxide and oxidize nicotine, which originate due to smoking, increase in the environment because of which mostly person also suffer from breathing problems (who sit the near of smoker). It originates many diseases as lungs cancer, heart-attack, asthma, tuberculosis, etc.

Harm of smoking :

Bronchitis, cancer of the lungs, mouth and throat, cough, asthma, catarrh, heat-attack and other dangerous diseases of the heart occurs due to smoking.

Mouth taste becomes change, stomach diseases, insomnia, catarrh, phlegm, cough, teeth disease, yellowness of the hands, offensive smell of the mouth, reduce smelling power and weakness of eyesight are symptoms of smoking.

Smoking reduces vitamin in uttaco avaco of the lungs because of that cancer can occur.

Smoking is harmful for the digestive system; breathing system and navel consequently someone may be death suddenly.

Its smoke contains nicotine and carbon-die-oxide, which reduce eyesight.

Smoking reduces sexual power. Smoking a biri or cigarette reduces life of 6 minutes daily. Taking tobacco after 20 minutes of smoking biri or cigarette spreads tar and nicotine poison in the body.

Smoking is harmful for the brain because it reduces memory power.

HDL cholesterol becomes reduce and harmful LDL becomes increase in the body due to smoking because of that check ness of fat increases in the blood veins.

Smoking makes irregular to the activity of the blood check and many types of bad effects affect on a type of blood cell.

50 micrograms nicotine mingles in the blood with every puff of cigarette. It increases nycoafinefrine because of that many activities of the body become damage. Blood PH becomes damage because of that patient has habit of smoking.

If the patient of smoke suffers from diabetes, it is very difficult to control diabetes due to bad affects of smoking because work capacity of glands pankriyaj (which reaches insulin) reduces due to smoking.

Activity of spread and contraction of blood circulate reduces due to smoking because of that bad effects affect on the heart-beat.

Asthma occurs due to smoking.

Lungs cancer can occur in children due to his parents (who are smoker).

Warning for the person who sits near of smoker :

When the smoke, which is leaved by biri and cigarette, enters in the body, lungs cancer can be originated.

Its smoke causes inflammation in the eyes and reduces eyesight too.

The smoke, which occurs due to smoking biri or cigarette, contains double nicotine and vegapayani, which causes cancer. Smoke contains 5 folds carbon-monoxide, 50 folds ammonia and caidmiyam in enough quantity, which end air chamber of the lungs. Gas of biri and cigarette is very dangerous, which clashes with red blood corpuscles and causes harm.

Bad effects of cigarette smoke affect on the sexual power of women. The woman, who smokes, can suffer from uterus disorders because of that sexual power becomes reduce and starts menstrual excretion before time. The polysyclide aromatic hide (PAH) named chemical, which is found in cigarette smoke, ends eggs of the uterus (which are present in the uterus).

Warning for the person who takes zarda :

Every product of tobacco causes cancer.

Eatable tobacco contains excessive quantity of TNS poison, so tobacco should not be taken.

Bad affects of smoking:

Excessive smoking may be the cause of impotency. Opposite effects of smoking affect on the blood circulate because of that sexual Harmon, which presents in the body, does not work properly.

The smoke (the smoking which is done in the house) bad effects affect on the youth and new born babies children and a shah-utpad cotnyne of nicotine can be found in children urine. This cotnyne pressures on children penis before time because of that sexual power increases in children. The smoking should not be done on the front of children because it is very harmful for children.

Under age children suffers from paralysis due to eat pan-masala.

Gutkha, tobacco and betel leaf should not be used. Powder of lizard and medicine of mouse (the medicine, which is used to kill the mouse) are mixed in gutkha. It has a special intoxicate taste, which spreads on the tongue of the smoker. Generally, it is observed that every person, who takes gutkha, has a brand. If he does not get his brand, he feels problems.

Treatment :

  1. If someone has been suffering from habit of biri, cigarette and zarda, lemon juice should be sucked instead of smoking. It ends desire of smoking, so lemon juice should be taken instead of smoking.
  2. If you want give up biri-cigarette, toast aniseed with ghee and store it. When it is desire of smoking, half spoon aniseed should be chewed. It ends bad habit of cigarette.
  3. Mix 50 grams caraway and 50 grams thick aniseed with black salt and lemon juice (according to taste) there after dry under the shadow. Toast this mixture on the grid and store it. When it is desire of smoking, half spoon above mixture should be taken. It is useful for ending habit of smoking.
  4. Mix one spoon powder of cinnamon with one spoon honey and fill it in a bottle. When it is desire of smoking, this mixture should be taken. It ends habit of smoking.
  5. Dissolve 2 spoons salt with one cup water and soak 125 grams fenugreek in it at overnight. In the morning, filter this water and squeeze 2 lemons on the fenugreek. Toast it on the grid and store it. When it is desire of smoking, half spoon this mixture should be shucked. It ends habit of smoking. It also ends retention of navels and increases eyesight.

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