5 Simple Home Treatment/Remedies for “Pari Ka Bukhar” its symptoms and reason

Pari Ka Bukhar

Introduction :

This fever takes a person in its grip after the gap of one day viz every third day.

Treatment :

  1. Mix about half gram of Sal-Amoebic and half gram powder of black pepper. Give this mixture to sufferer in the initial stage of pari ka bhukhar. It stops the temperature level.
  2. Eat after mixing one gram powder of Indian atees and half gram quinine together. It cures fever.
  3. Lick after mixing the powder of Indian atees in the juice of coach grass. It cures fever.
  4. Give a decoction of the bark of neem 3 times in a day. It cures Pari ka bukhari.
  5. Take an equal quantity of soft and tender leaf of neem and black pepper and grind it properly. Give this mixture to the patient, it cures Pari ka bukhar.

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