30 Simple Home Treatment/Remedies for “Chicken Pox” its symptoms and reason

Chicken Pox

(Badi Mata)

What is Chicken Pox:

In the disease of Chicken Pox, red pimples appear on the body, after occurring fever. After 2 to 3 days, these pimples change into a blister and after 4-5 days, thin crust (scab) fall down from these pimples. The patient feels restless because of fever, hotness and burning sensation. This disease is cured within seven to ten day.

Causes :

This disease is generally known as ‘Mata’ or ‘Sheetala’ in domestic language. Often this type of disease affects those children who have so heat from starting and they are 2 to 4 years old. Sometimes it is also found in women and elders. This disease occurs because of the infection of the bacteria. The bacteria of this disease are found in saliva, stool, urine and nails of the patient. The bacteria of this disease are present in the air and enter in the body by inhaling. This disease is also known as small pox (Masurika) in Ayurveda.

Symptoms :

The temperature of the body increases in chicken pox. This temperature is increased into 104°F. The patient feels restlessness, over thirst and pain in his body. The pulsation of heart (heart beating) increases with coughs. After 2-3 days, fever starts on increasing. Red pimples appear on the body. Pus like water occurs in these pimples and after 7 days, these pimples starts on maturating slightly. After that, crusts appear on these pimples. After some days, the crusts disappear but marks presents on the same part.

Food and Avoidance :

Milk, pulse of green lentil, bread (chapatti) and green vegetables should be given to the small children. The fruit of mosambi or its juice should be given to take.

Do not fry the vegetable at the time of cooking.

Fried or spicy food should not be given to the patient. Too cold or too hot food should not be given also.

If the patient has excessive fever, nothing should be given to his/her besides milk and tea.

A small branch of neem should be hanged at the door.

Treatment :

  1.  Prepare the paste by grinding the bark of neem with water and apply on the pimples, it provides benefit in this disease.
  2.  Apply the solution on the pimples after mixing the juice of madar (Aak) in neem oil. It gives relief.
  3.  Keep the bed of the patient neat and clean, and spread the leaves of neem on the bed. Make small balls (tablets) after grinding of a new and tender leaves (just sprouting) of neem. Give 1 tablet in the morning and 1 tablet in the evening with milk to the patient to eat. If the weather is hot, give the air by the movement of the branch of neem. This activity destroys the bacteria present in the pimples of chicken pox quickly. Toast dry grape and give to the patient to eat. It provides benefit.
  4.  Take 7 pieces soft and tender (just sprouting) leaves of neem with 7 pieces black pepper for a month in empty stomach. The dangerous disease like chicken pox will not be occurred until 1 year if we follow the above routine. If we follow the above routine for 15 days, the chicken pox will not appear for 6 months. During the infection of chicken pox, the people are not affected who use the leaves of neem.
  5.  If someone takes 7 pieces of soft red leaves of neem and 7 pieces of black pepper for one year regularly, he gets much relief in chicken pox.
  6.  Take seed of neem, beleric myrobalans (Bahera), and turmeric in an equal quantity then grind them in cold water. Drink this mixture, after filtering it, for some days.
  7.  Take 3 grams soft and tender (just sprouting) leaves for 15 days regularly consequently, chicken pox does not occur until 6 months.
  8.  Apply the paste, prepared by grinding the leaves of neem, on the face before going to bed and wash the face with cold water in the next morning. Marks of chicken pox are ended by doing this treatment for 50 days regularly.
  9.  Grind 5 to 10 grams kernels of neem seeds with water to make the paste and apply on the affected parts; it ends the burning sensation of chicken pox.
  10.  If the patient of chicken pox feels excessive thirst, give him/her special water, prepared by cooling of burning neem’s bark in the water and then filter it properly. If the thirst of the patient does not quench, take 1 liter of water and 10 grams soft leaves of neem and boil it until the water remains half. Give this water to the patient after filtering it. It quenches thirst and cures chicken pox also.
  11.  When chicken pox cured, the patient should be bath with the water by mixing the decoction of neem’s leave in it.
  12.  When chicken pox cured, the patient should be bath with the water by mixing the decoction of neem’s leave in it.
  13.  Mix 10 grams neem powder and 5 grams black pepper powder and take it for some days; it provides benefit while appearing chicken pox pimples.
  14.  Soak 100 grams raw coriander and 50 grams cumin seed in the water for 12 hours. Then mix both the materials in the water properly and fill into a bottle after filtering it. Give this solution to the children suffering from chicken pox if they feel thirst again and again. It is benefited for them.
  15.  In the disease of chicken pox, licking honey is also useful.
  16.  Chew five soft and tender (just sprouting) leaves of neem, two black peppers and a little sugar candy early in the morning or take them with water after grinding them properly. It is useful in the disease of chicken pox.
  17.  In the disease of chicken pox, grind 10-15 flowers of jasmine and make a paste, apply it on the chicken pox, it is useful.
  18.  Give 2 pieces dry grape or currant several times in a day to the patient of chicken pox. Doing so is useful.
  19.  Take the powder, prepared from the seed of tamarind and turmeric, with water. It prevents chicken pox.
  20.  Make a paste by grinding sesame, fever nut seed with mustard in an equal quantity. It is useful after applying it on the affected part.
  21.  If the patient eats grapes after washing it with lukewarm water, it provides benefit in this disease.
  22.  Grind the peels of oranges and apply it on the pimples of chicken pox. It is useful.
  23.  Grind and store the dry peels of oranges. Make a paste by adding 4 spoons of rose water. Apply this paste on the affected part; it reduces the marks of chicken pox.
  24.  The patient should be put their hands on soaked gram, because soaked gram has a property to absorb the bacteria of chicken pox.
  25.  Mix turmeric in the water and apply on the pimples of chicken pox. It is useful.
  26.  Make a fine powder from turmeric (10 g), black pepper (5g) and sugar candy (10g). Then take this powder daily early in the morning with the juice of basil leaves after adding honey in it. It is useful in the disease of chicken pox.
  27.  Make the powder from soft and tender (just sprouting) leaves of neem and basil leaves. Take this mixture with honey or sugar candy in the early morning; it is useful to cure chicken pox.
  28.  Grind basil leaves with bishops weed seed (ajavin) and take it everyday. It decreases the fever of chicken pox.
  29.  When chicken pox infection affects one person to another, at that time, the juice of basil leaves should be taken everyday in the morning. It protects from the infection of chicken pox.
  30.  In the morning, give ½ spoon of the juice of basil leaves to the patient. It is useful in the disease of chicken pox.
  31.  To reduce fever, give the mixture, prepared by grinding the seed of basil and washed bishops weed seed (ajavayn) with water.
  32.  Give about half gram saffron with coconut water to the patient two times in a day, chicken pox pimples appear early.
  33.  Mix camphor in coconut oil and apply on the chicken pox marks, it ends them.

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