25 Simple Home Treatment/Remedies for “Erysipelas” its symptoms and reason


What Erysipelas :

Pimples appear on the body in the beginning and thereafter the patient become the victim of fever in which the temperature rises to 104 degree and sometimes this fever reaches to brain. This disease takes to the whole body in its grasp and this is the reason that it is known by the name erysipelas.

Causes :

There are many causes of this disease as by eating hot and sour, spicy and salty food stuffs in excessive quantity. These foodstuffs spoil blood, muscles and cells of the body. Because of it, the person becomes the victim of this disease named ‘Erysipelas.

Symptoms :

The patient of this disease named ‘Erysipelas suffers from such symptoms as vomiting because of sudden cold, headache, pain in the body, restlessness, etc. The temperature of the fever rises up to 104°F. This fever directly affects to the mind. In this fever, the sufferer feels burning sensation all over the body, itchiness, fever, swelling and pimples with constant excretion of pus and pain. Soon, these pimples take to the whole body in its grasp. Besides, skin of the patient hangs and he suffers from vomiting, unconsciousness, loath. These are all the symptoms of erysipelas.

Treatment :

  1.  Apply the fresh root of bamboo tree after grinding or rubbing on stone.
  2.  It is useful to sprinkle the powder of the flowers of woodfordia floribunda Salish on the blisters filled with pus.
  3.  It is useful to drink the decoction of woodfordia floribunda Salish. Wounds and blisters should also wash with this decoction.
  4.  Grind lodh and sandal with madder root and apply it on the affected part. It is useful.
  5.  Take the juice of dried flowers of safflower in the morning and evening, it helps to release out poison from the body consequently, the patient gets well soon.
  6.  It is useful to apply Indian hemp after grinding on the affected part of the body.
  7.  Abrade sandal in the rose water and apply after mixing camphor in it on the affected portion. It is useful.
  8.  Take the powder of pavonia odorata with ghee in the morning and evening. It is useful in this disease.
  9.  Give half gram to one-gram spikenard with Sal ammoniac to the patient. It is useful in this disease.
  10.  Apply the powder of spikenard on the blisters caused by erysipelas. Its use reduces the pain of the blisters.
  11.  It is useful to apply the leaves of common sweet basil after grinding on the blisters.
  12.  Apply neem oil after mixing it with equal quantity of sesame oil. It is useful in the burning sensation and erysipelas.
  13.  Apply the oil of pongamia glabras seeds after mixing lemon juice in it daily thrice a day. It gets rid of erysipelas.
  14.  It is useful to take less than one fourth gram root of maiden hair with honey in the morning and evening.
  15.  It is useful to apply the leaves and flowers of jasmine after grinding it properly on the erysipelas, chicken pox and blisters affected portions.
  16.  Grind soap nut tree to make paste and then it should apply on the blisters and erysipelas affected portion twice or thrice a day.
  17.  Apply the warm juice of the leaves of Indian teak tree on the erysipelas-affected portion. It is useful in this disease.
  18.  It is useful to apply the root of Bengal currant, which has been ground with lemon juice and camphor.
  19.  Apply the leaves of prickly amaranths, after grinding, on the place of erysipelas. It provides relief (cures) in burning sensation if it is applied on the affected area.
  20.  It is useful to apply the leaves of portulaca quadrifida (chhoti lona) after grinding it properly on the erysipelas affected portion.
  21.  Apply the fresh leaves of garden purslane after grinding it properly on the erysipelas-affected area. It helps to reduce the burning sensation and pain.
  22.  Apply the leaves of Negro coffee, after grinding on the erysipelas inflammed area and blisters. Its use provides relief a lot to the patient.
  23.  Grind equal quantity of Himalayan cedar, pluchea lanceolata, blue lotus (neelkamal), red sandal, sweet flag, and liquorice root with ghee and then apply this paste on the pimples. Its use gets rid of erysipelas caused by vatta disorder.
  24.  Grind sandal, the root of cuscus, madder root, mild Himalaya cherry, pluksh, liquorice root and blue lotus (neelkamal) with milk and then apply it on the pimples. It gets rid of erysipelas caused by bile disorder.
  25.  Grind Indian gooseberry, beleric myrobalans, myrolealans, mild himalaya cherry, cuscus, mimosa pudica, oleander’s root, Arabian manna plant and wild tobacco and then apply it. Its use gets rid of erysipelas caused by kapha disorder.
  26.  Mix approx 10 g sulphur, 10g alum and 6g camphor with cows butter and then apply it. It cures any types of disease caused by erysipelas.
  27.  Erysipelas is a kind such disease in which small pimples with swelling appears. The skin seems to be red along with fever. In this disease, apply crushed potato on the affected part
  28.  Take liquorice root with water. Its use provides relief in erysipelas.

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