20 Simple Home Treatment/Remedies for “Irregular Fever – Visham Jawar” its symptoms and reason

Irregular Fever

(Visham Jawar)

Introduction :

A fever that occurs any time as-sometimes before going to bed at the night and sometimes the patient become the victim of this fever when he is sitting during day. Sometimes it occurs after one-two or three days  break. The temperature in this fever rises high and sometime becomes normal. The patient feels chilliness in this fever but sometime he feels hot. This is called malarial fever (visham fever).

There are five types of malarial fever (visham fever) in Ayurveda :-

Continuous Fever (Santat Fever) that remains for 7 to 10 days or till 12 days.

Satat fever which occurs twice a day or twice at night.

Anyeghuh Fever occurs once a day or at night daily. It is also known as ‘Ekhwik or ‘Ektara.

Triennial Fever (triyak fever) occurs at an interval of 3 days is called ‘Tizaree.

Chaturthik Fever occurs at an interval of 4 days. It is also known as ‘Chauthaiya. Besides it, there are several types of fever.

Treatment :

  1. Prepare decoction by boiling gentiana kurroo, pierorhiza, indian sesparilla and smilax zelynica and then take. It is useful in continuous fever.
  2. Prepare decoction by boiling the leaves of sespadula, nut grass, jatropha curcas, pierorhiza and smilax zelynica. Now take this decotion to get rid of continuous fever.
  3. Prepare decoction by boiling pierorhiza, counbtry mellow (khirentee), cuscus, coriander, pugsley and nut grass and then take. Its use abates satat fever.
  4. Prepare a decoction by boiling sespadulas leaves, halarrhena antidysentrica wall, myrolealans, neem, indian sesparilla, turpeth root and pavonia odorata. It is useful to take this decoction in this fever.
  5. Prepare decoction by boiling sespadulas leaves, neems bark, grapes, pudding pipe tree, triphala (Harad, Baheda and Aamla) and Malabar nut. Now take this decoction after mixing sugar candy and honey in it. It provides relief in Anyeghuh fever and the patient gets rid of this fever.
  6. Prepare a decoction by boiling grapes, sespadula, neems bark, nut grass, oval leaved roseway and triphala (Harad, Baheda and Aamla). Now take this decoction in the morning after cooling. Its use gets rid of fever, which occurs once a day-night.
  7. Uproot a plant of black basil, prickly chalf flower, edipta Alba or kakjangha after bathing in the auspicious period (pushp nakshatra). Now wrap it in the red thread and then tie on the arms or neck of the patient. It is useful in Ektara fever.
  8. Prepare a decoction by boiling red sandal, cuscus, nut grass, tinospora, dry ginger and coriander. Now take after adding sugar candy and honey in it. It gets rid of triennial fever and thirst caused by this fever.
  9. Wrap the root of prickly chalf flower in seven red threads on Sunday and then tie it on the waist of the patient. Tizaree fever disappears by its use.
  10. Grind desmodium gangeticum, indian gooseberry (amla), Himalayan cedar, myrolealans, Malabar nut and dry ginger and then boil it to make decoction. Now take this decoction after adding honey and sugar candy in it. Its use abates chaturthik fever.
  11. Take the root of white prickly chalf flower with milk or eat by keeping it in water. It gets rid of old chaturtik fever.
  12. Make tablets in the size of zizyphus mumunularia (jharber) with the paste of cannabis indica and jiggery (gur). Give these tablets to the patient before 2 hours of the fever. It helps to get rid of chathurtik fever.
  13. Prepare a decoction, after grinding, holarrhena antidysentrica, sespadulas leaves and pierorhiza and then take it. It cures all types of visham fever.
  14. Prepare a decoction with neem, sespadulas leaves, grapes, nut grass, holarrhena antidysentrica wall and triphala (Harad, Baheda and Aamla). Take this decoction; it gets rid of malarial fever.
  15. Prepare a decoction by boiling the root of Indian mallow and dry ginger and then take. Its use gets rid of fever caused by cold, burning sensation and malarial fever within 2 to 3 days.
  16. Basil is useful to take the juice of basil leaves after adding the powder of black pepper in malarial fever.
  17. Prepare decoction by boiling sespadulas leaves, myrolealans, nut grass, pierorhiza, chireta, liquorice root and tinospora and then take. Its use gets rid of all types of malarial fever along with cough and lack of appetite.
  18. Cook an equal quantity of dry ginger, nut grass, tinospora, chireta, dashmool (bael, shyonak, khambharee, stereospermum suaveolens, ailanthus excelsa, sarivan, uraria lagopoides, solanum indicum, solanum xanthocarpum and tinospora) in 500 ml of water until it remains 100 ml. Now gave it to the patient to drink. It is useful in malarial fever.
  19. Lick 80 g powder of long peeper after mixing it with honey in the morning and evening.
  20. Apply the spider web in the eyes like a collyrium after burning.
  21. Wrap the right feather of an owl in white cotton and then tie it in the ear of the patient.
  22. Mark with the soil of the hole of a crab on the forehead of the patient.

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