20 Simple Home Treatment/Remedies for “Chicken Pox(Small Pox)” its symptoms and reason

Chickon Pox

(Small Pox)

What is Chicken Pox(Small Pox):

Eruptions of small pox appear along with fever. It is a contagious disease. In this disease, small eruptions appear all over the body of the patient. The victim suffers from pain and inflammation in the eruptions of small pox.

Treatment :

  1. Grind root of the prickly chalf flower and turmeric in equal quantity with water like a sandal. Apply this paste on the nails of hands and feet as well as apply a mark of this paste on the forehead and tongue of the children. Chicken pox will not occur due to using this process.
  2. Internal chicken pox comes out by coating paste on the body after grinding the seed of caraway juice of basil leaves.
  3. Grind saffron (0.6g) to make fine powder and give it to the patient with seed less dry grape in beginning of chicken pox. It brings out chicken pox and cure quick.
  4. If the patient feels burning sensation in the pimples of the sole, he should apply the rice water on them. It provides relief.
  5. Internal chicken pox comes out, by taking some mace many times in a day.
  6. Give about ź grams fine powder of mace to the patient with water 3-4 times in a day, it use comes out internal chicken pox.
  7. Mix the fine powder of dung and ashes of dung cake (upla) and apply it to the pimples of chicken pox, it stops the leaking of pus.
  8. The pimples of small pox become mature quickly by eating plum powder with jaggery.
  9. Grind fine the bark of Albizzia lebbeck benth, Sebastian’s bark, long peeper’s bark and the bark of cluster fig to make fine powder thereafter mix it with cow’s ghee. Apply this paste on the affected parts to get relief in inflammation and warmth of the pimples.
  10. Chickon pox does not appear, if someone eats new and tender (just sprouting) leaves of yellow thorn apple with jaggery.
  11. Mix the juice of peach with honey and give it to the patient, it cures small pox.
  12. Mix the powder of turmeric with juice of bitter gourd leaves and give it to the patient. It is useful in the disease of romantika, fever and small pox.
  13. Make a decoction with the help of neem, Indian gooseberry, Trikuta (dry ginger, black pepper, and small peeper), the leaves of sesapadula (Parval), pugssley, white sandal, red sandal, Malabar nut and thorn apple with water. Mix sugar candy and honey in this decoction after boiling and give it to the patient. It is useful in the case of Pitaj-Masurika (warmth due to small pox).
  14. If any child suffers from chicken pox, make a decoction by boiling a leaf of malabar nut and 3g liquorices root with water and give it to the suffered child at the time of spreading of chicken pox. It ends fear of chicken pox.
  15. Make a decoction by boiling Malabar nut, tinospora, nut grass, sesapadula leaves, coriander, Arabian manna plant, chiretta, neem, pierorhiza and pugssley with water thereafter give it to the patient, it provides relief in small pox.
  16. If water is blowing from the pimples of small pox, grind the bark of banyan tree, long peeper, ficus infectoria (Pakar) and mimusops elengi thereafter apply it on the affected parts, it provides relief.
  17. Grind equal quantity of liqourica, beleric myrabalan, Indian gooseberry, marsdenia tenacissima, Indian barberry bark, blue lotus, cuscus, lodh, and madder root together thereafter apply it in the eyes or above the eyes. Use this process is useful to cure small pox.
  18. Grind equal quantity of turmeric and the seed of tamarind together thereafter give a pinch to the patient for 7 days regularly. Chicken pox does not occur due to using this process. After occurring chicken pox, mix powder of tamarind seed with turmeric and take it because it cures this disease. If wounds occur in the pimples, sprinkle the dry turmeric with black catechu on the affected parts. It will be cured above disease.
  19. Grind kutaj bark with rice water and apply it on the affected parts, it cures blotch and pimples of the face due to chicken pox.

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