20 Simple Home Treatment/Remedies for “Chicken Pox” its symptoms and reason

Chicken Pox

What is Chicken Pox :

There are two types of small pox fever small pox and chicken pox. Small pox is also known as ‘Sheetala and chicken pox known as ‘Chechak or ‘Measles. In allopathic, chhoti mata chicken pox is known as ‘chicken pox and badi mata (Small pox) is known as ‘small pox. In the condition of chicken pox (measles), there are small pimples appear on the whole body and then the patient suffers from fever. Temperature of the fever reduces after 2 days and pimples disappear with it. The patient gets well. This fever mostly takes in small children in its grasp in the month of March. In the condition of chhoti mata or chicken pox, first, fever comes then small pimples appear on the back of the body and disappear after 4-5 days.

In the condition of badi mata or small pox, pimples like lentil or bigger than lentil appear on the whole body. It is known to be good if the pimples appear at a distance and white in colour compare to the pimples, which are close, deep, black, red or other colour, flat, etc. The cause of this disease is considered a kind of poison. It is also called infectious disease. Severe (high) fever, eyes pain and problem in inhaling are the symptoms found in both the diseases. If there are no any other diseases besides pox (mata), this disease cures by itself after 5-7 days or maximum 21 days without taking any medicine.

Precaution :

The patient feels itching sensation in the pimples of chicken pox and if we scratched them, they will be converting into wounds of which treatment will be difficult and there will be marks all over the body for whole life. If we scratch our eyes then it will be possible to be blind. So we should not scratch our eyes. If children have been suffering from this disease then we should tie their both hands with clothes so that they cannot scratch to the pimples.

Treatment :

  1.  Apply the paste after grinding of the bark of sebestan on the eyes. It gives coolness and relief in the pain of the eyes.
  2.  Neem’s leaves should be put at the head side of the bed and a twig of neem should tie on the door and window of the patient’s room.
  3.  Take the decoction prepared by boiling sespadulas leaves, nut grass, pierorhiza, neem, Indian gooseberry (amla), sariya, padh, black catechu, country mallow and katai. It gets rid of small pox caused by gout.
  4.  Mix the decoction of sespadulas leaves or its root with the juice of sugarcane root and then take. It is useful in small pox caused by bile.
  5.  Prepare a decoction after grinding the leaves of sespadula, tinospora, nut grass, Malabar nut, coriander, Arabian manna plant, chireta, neem, pierorhiza and pugsley and then take. Its use gets rid of immature small pox and matured small pox dries soon.
  6.  Give a decoction prepared by boiling red sandal, Malabar nut, tinospora, nut grass and grape to the patient. It gives relief in small pox.
  7.  Apply rice water on the pimples of the sole of feet. It ends burning sensation.
  8.  Crush and filter the mixture of curcuma aromatica, root of sarkanda and burnt kurchi. After that mix it in buffalos milk, apply on the face at night before going to bed, and soak husk (chaff) in water. The marks of pimples disappear if we wash our face with this water in the morning and evening.
  9.  Prepare a decoction by boiling tinospora, liquorice root, pluchea lanceolata, laghu panchmool, red sandal, fruit of careya arborea, country mellow and flacourtia ramontchi (katai). It is useful in suppurated small pox caused by vatta
  10.  Grind the bark of albizzia lebbeck benth, long peeper, sebestan and ficus glomerata and then filter it properly. Now apply, after mixing it in cow’s ghee, on the pimples of chicken pox. It cools burning sensation caused by chicken pox.
  11.  Grind banyan, ficus glomerata, long peeper, ficus infectoria and mimusops elengi. Now sprinkle this powder on the pimples or wound of chicken pox.
  12.  It is useful to put ash of cow dung-cake on the pimples of chicken pox.
  13.  Prepare a decoction by boiling fiagonia Arabica, pugsley, sespadula’s leaves and pierorhiza and then give it to the patient. It is useful in small pox caused by phlegm and bile.
  14.  Grind the bishop’s weed with the juice of basils leaves and then apply. It helps to appearing the pimples.
  15.  Give mace at an interval of short time to the patient to eat. It helps the hidden pimples to appear on the surface of the skin.
  16.  Give the powder of Indian plum with jiggery (gur) to the patient to eat. It helps to maturate gout, bilious and every types of chicken pox.
  17.  If we tie the root of clerodendrum phlomidis on the head, it gets rid of cold fever.
  18.  The powder of cumin seed should be given to the patient 3 times a day after mixing in 10 to 15ml juice of bitter gourd before the sensation of cold.
  19.  Give the juice of ficus glomerata after adding sugar candy in it to the children. It provides relief from the hotness of chicken pox.
  20.  Grind the thorns, which appear on the surface of the leaves of ficus glomerata with the fresh milk of cow and then filter it to obtain juice. Now this juice should be given to the patient after adding a little loafsugar in it according to patient’s capability. If this medicine is taken before the fever of chicken pox, it reduces fever.
  21.  Place, clothes, bed etc of the patient should be neat and clean. The bed sheet used by the patient should be changed daily.
  22.  In this disease, those persons who do not take care of the patient should not go near the patient as menstruant, children, unholy, dirty and any other healthy persons.
  23.  We should protect the patient from cold and cold wind in the fever of small pox, but drinking cold water is beneficial.

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