15 Simple Home Treatment/Remedies for “Kalazar” its symptoms and reason


Causes :

Kalazara named disease occurs due to lishmenia, doni vani named bacteria and this disease is increased in other persons from one person.

Symptoms :

Staying light fever in the body of any person for a long time, enlargement of the liver and spleen, darkness of the body color, swelling in the calf and eyelids, vomiting sometimes, etc. symptoms occur in the kalazara.

Treatment :

  1.  Mix about 20-25 grams this medicine with 20-25 ml water and give it to the patient twice a day to cure this fever. Keep care that this medicine should not be given on empty the stomach.
  2.  This fever is cured by taking about 20-25 grams this medicine with 20-25 ml water (after mixing) after eating the food twice a day.
  3.  The person, who suffers from this fever, should take radish with rock salt on empty stomach in the morning.
  4.  This fever is cured by taking about 4 grams barilla with jiggery twice a day for 21 days regularly.
  5.  Put the equal quantity of sal-ammonic and lime together in dew at night. In the next morning, this mixture turns into liquid. Fill this liquid in a bottle and take one drop of it with sugar cake regularly. This medicine is useful to cure kalazara fever and spleen disorders.
  6.  Make powder by grinding about 6 grams dried leaves of tamarisk and take it with sugar regularly. This disease is cured properly by taking this medicine.
  7.  By putting on the garland of onion in the patient throat stops the enlargement of liver and spleen and also cures kalazara.
  8.  Enlargement of the liver is stopped and kalazara fever is cured by putting on the garland of nagfali root in the patient throat.
  9.  Kalazara fever is cured and enlargement of the spleen is stopped by taking about 20 grams powder of this medicine with the whey or curd twice a day for 21 days regularly.
  10.  All the diseases of the spleen are cured by taking about 2-4 grams powder of chhoti may with honey.
  11.  Fill the water in the pot of badi may wood and drink it after sometimes. This water helps to stop spleen enlargement and cure kalazara fever.
  12.  Taking about 2-6 grams juniper powder is useful in the case of spleen related fever and liver enlargement.
  13.  This fever is cured by giving about less quantity than  parts of tinospora juice to the patient for drinking.
  14.  Blood amount is increased in the body by taking about one spoon powder of Indian gooseberry withy honey twice a day.
  15.  If the patient suffers from spleen enlargement with light fever, give about 3-6 grams ash of new buds of palmyra to the patient twice a day because it is beneficial.
  16.  In the case of kalazara, the patient should take infusion of three peaces of long pepper with honey and three peaces of these peppers should be increased till ten days regularly thereafter three peaces of long peppers should be reduced at eleventh day till three peaces. This process helps to stop spleen enlargement and cure kalazar.

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