15 Simple Home Treatment/Remedies for “Indigestion Fever” its symptoms and reason

Indigestion Fever

(A Type of Fever Caused By Indigestion)


What is Indigestion Fever-(A Type of Fever Caused By Indigestion):

There is such type of disease, owing to it the patient does not feel like to do any work. This disease occurs because of taking meal during irregular time and taking stale and offensive meal. Some people keep on doing work in all the times because of which once they take meal at noon or once eating chat-pakauri they pass times. Truly speaking they do not know that our intestine is not made form iron; it is very soft and has no teeth. On the contrary to it eating early they get up or drink excessive water after taking meal because of which they suffer from this disease. The people, who break thirst, excretion or keep on preventing urine process, they speak that we have no time so do such. Frequently, such people become the victim of this disease.

Symptoms :

There are many symptoms appear in this disease as Indigestion of food, sour belching, anorexia and other.

Abstinence :

Do not use fried food, Indian pudding (haluwa) and Kheer (a sweetened preparation of rice and milk boiled together).

Treatment :

  1.  Make the powder by grinding Indian gooseberry, ceylen lead-wort, small myrabalan chebulie, small Peeper and chloride of sodium together. If we take this powder with lukewarm water, it cures this disease.
  2.  If indigestion fever caused by eating fish, take 10-15 grams sauce of mango two times in a day, it provides benefit.
  3.  If some one suffers from indigestion fever because of eating meat, give 3 to 6 grams powder of mango stone to the patient two times in a day.
  4.  Indigestion fever can be abated if we take 2-3 grams powder of myrolealans in an equal quantity in the morning and evening before taking meal.
  5.  Indigestion fever is ended if we take 3-grams powder of myrabalan chebulie with honey, sugar candy and currant.
  6.  Body also gets different types of other diseases by the cause of indigestion fever. As a result of it, the patient’s throat gets dry, burning sensation appears in their chest, dryness in the intestine, laziness in the work and sometimes he feels that all the spirits cool down. Sometimes their whole body smeared with sweat. At this stage, the patient lies down on the bed. Above symptoms are found in indigestion fever.
  7.  At this position, the patient should take the following powder- 10 gram coriander grains, 3 grams of myrabalan chebulie, 3 gram of dry ginger and 1 gram of rock salt. Grind all these things to make the powder then take approx 2 grams this powder with lukewarm water in the morning and evening. It breaks surfeit fever. It also ends other problems.
  8.  The sauce of coriander, salt and ginger is also useful. Take this sauce with meals. Ginger is a medicine itself but when ginger mix with green or dry coriander, its property (quality) will increase many times.
  9.  Take filtered juice of the leaves of madar and mix the pulp of Aloe vera (Dhritkumari) and sugar in it. Now cook it well to make treacle then fill it into bottle after cooling. According to need, take this treacle in a quantity of 2 to 10 grams. It is helpful to cure many diseases of the children whose ages are 6 months to 10 years.
  10.  If we chew 20 leaves of basil with 5 black peppers after meals, it eliminates indigestion. Take the decoction of basil after mixing rock salt and ginger. It prevents hiccup.
  11.  If we chew a leaf of basil in the morning everyday, it cures all the problems of stomach i.e. constipation, gas, burning sensation of stomach etc.
  12.  Take the powder, prepared after grinding parsley, myrabalan chebulie, long zedoary and black salt together. It ends indigestion fever.
  13.  Prepare a decoction by boiling tinospora, dry ginger, nut grass (nagarmotha), small peeper and Chiretta in the water. This preparation decreases indigestion fever.
  14.  Take a decoction of common fumitory and wild egg. It ends indigestion fever.

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