15 Simple Home Treatment/Remedies for “Chronic Fever” its symptoms and reason

Chronic Fever

Symptoms :

When a person suffers from fever until 21 days and temperature does not become normal, it is called chronic fever. Sometimes, the temperature in this fever become high and sometimes low. If a person suffers from indigestion and weakness, he becomes the victim of chronic fever.

Treatment :

  1.  Prepare a decoction by boiling the bark of oval leaved rose way and tinospora and give to the patient to take. Or soak the bark of oval leaved rose way in the water at night and give this preparation after filtering to the patient. Both are beneficial in chronic fever.
  2.  Boil cows milk by mixing ghee, dry ginger and black grapes. Take it. Its use gets rid of chronic fever.
  3.  Grind equal quantity of chireta, dry ginger, Indian gooseberry (amla), sweet flag and tinospora. Fill it in a bottle. Then give 1-1 spoon of this preparation 3-4 times a day.
  4.  In the fever from which a patient has been suffering for 6 days and he gets no relief by any medicine, grind 40g tinospora properly and soak in 250 ml water filled in an earthen pot. Cover this pot and leave all over night. Crush this mixture in the morning and take 20 ml this preparation after filtering thrice a day. Its use provides relief in chronic fever.
  5.  Take 20 ml juice of tinospora after mixing 1g piper longum and one spoon honey in it in the morning and evening. Its use gets rid of chronic fever, cough, spleen diseases, phlegm, anorexia, etc.
  6.  To prevent headache due to fever, caused by dirty place, polluted environment and spoiled fruits-vegetables; boil 400 ml water with 10 to 20g leaves of white kachanar until it remains one-fourth. Now this decoction should be given to the patient.
  7.  It is very useful to take the decoction of neems bark after mixing coriander and dry ginger in it.
  8.  Grind 400 g leaves of neem, 120g dry ginger, black pepper, long peeper, triphala (Harad, Baheda and Aamla), all three types of salt, 80g impure carbonate of soda and impure carbonate of potash and 200g bishops weed to make powder. Now take this powder in the morning and evening. Its use provides relief in chronic fever.
  9.  Poisonous and chronic fever abates by taking the smoke of neems leaves, sweet flag, ghee, myrolealans, Indian bdellium and albizzia lebbeck (Shiras).
  10.  Prepare decoction by boiling equal quantity of neems bark, dry grapes and tinospora in 100 ml water. Take 20 ml this decoction in the morning, noon and evening for a few days regularly.
  11.  Tie 21 leaves of neem and 21 pieces of black pepper in muslin cloth to make a small bundle then boil it in 500 ml water until it remains one-fourth. Now give this water after cooling in the morning and evening to the patient in the condition of chronic fever. Its use provides relief to the patient of chronic fever.
  12.  Mix the juice of seedless unripe fresh fruits of bead tree with the same quantity of the juice of tinospora and one-fourth powder of bishops weed. Now make small tablets after grinding all properly. Then take 1-1 tablet thrice a day with fresh water. It gets rid of chronic fever.
  13.  Boil salt in water and take. Its use gets rid of malarial fever.
  14.  Grind 1 spoon powder of the bark of terminalia Arjuna with jiggery (gur). Its use gets rid of chronic fever.
  15.  If someone has been suffering from chronic fever along with cough and pain in the chest, it is useful to take the juice of basils leaves after mixing sugar candy in it.

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