10 Simple Home Treatment/Remedies for “Allergic Fever” its symptoms and reason



Allergic Fever


What is Allergic Fever:

In allergic fever, many small pimples appear on the skin with itching and swelling. it occurs because of putting off their all clothes in the position of excessive sweat, taking allergic food or the reaction of medicines, it is called allergic fever and if he/she does not feel fever then it is only called Sheet Petta (Urticaria). If the patient has been suffering from excess sneezing with fever, it is also called allergic fever.

Treatment :

  1.  Take 3 to 6 grams powder of Triphala with honey in the morning and evening. It ends allergic fever and stomachache.
  2.  Eat dry ginger, pipal, black peeper and impure carbonate of Potash (Yvakshar) with bishops weed seed, it gives relief in allergic fever.
  3.  Take 10 grams powder of Indian gooseberry with 10 grams jaggery in the morning and evening, it gives relief in allergic fever.
  4.  If we take old jaggery, after mixing the juice of ginger in it, in the morning and evening, it gives relief in allergic fever. The complaint of anorexia is also ended.
  5.  Eating jaggery with the bishop’s weed (Ajvayan) eliminates constipation and ends allergic fever caused by the pain of whole body.
  6.  Allergic fever disappears by taking 10 grams jaggery with 10 grams powder of Indian gooseberry.
  7.  Grind green grass and turmeric together to make the paste and apply on the whole body, it ends allergic fever.
  8.  Mix rock salt in ghee and then massaging with it ends allergic fever.
  9.  Mix Kamala in mustard oil and then massage with it the whole body. It is useful in allergic fever.
  10.  The patient should bath with lukewarm water and massage with lukewarm mustard oil on the body. But, remember; do not use this process in condition of constipation.

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