Simple Home Treatment/Remedies for “Separation of Placenta at the Time of Birth” its symptoms and reason

Separation of Placenta at the Time of Birth

Introduction :

The child is attached with a pipe which is called placenta. It is white, dusty and like the rope. Heart beating of the child can be felt from it. It keeps on supplying blood and oxygen to the child regularly. On the other hand, the placenta is attached to the oval which keeps on sticking with the wall of the uterus. When the child starts to weep properly and the color of the placenta becomes pale, it indicates that the heart and lungs of the child have been started their function properly. In this stage, the placenta is cut at the distance of 8-10 centimeter by using a clamp.

The placenta should not come in the contact of earth or any other thing after cutting it because it gets infected and the child can become the victim of any disease. Hence, the placenta should remain on the stomach after cutting it. A medicine can be applied on the placenta after cutting. The placenta gets dried slowly within 24 hours after cutting it. The placenta gets removed completely by drying within 7 to 10 days and a kind of mark is left there which is called naval. It should be looked after properly until it remains on the body. It should be cleaned with the help of doctor cotton and spirit twice a day. Antibiotic medicine can be used too.

Treatment :

Grind 20 grams cluster fig with rice water. Naval pipe comes out easily by giving this medicine to the mother to drink.

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