Simple Home Child Diseases Treatment/Remedies for “Erideema” its symptoms and reason


What is Erideema :

This disease appears in children due to dirtiness and it is called Erideema (ahiputana). Cleanliness becomes very necessary for children in this disease. Keep on changing towels and napkins of the children regularly when they are dirty.

Symptoms :

An itching generates around the anus of the child due to filth and dirtiness in this disease. This itching changes into scratches and pustules. In this way, the disease named Erideema originates.

Treatment :

Take equal amount of bondue nut, triphala and trichosanthes dioica and mix with ghee. Giving 1-2 grams this mixture to the children to eat cures this disease. The medicine should be given twice or thrice a day.

Take one thing from haridrakand, bark of acacia Arabica, udumbar or khadir. Prepare decoction by boiling one thing all of these. Wash child’s affected portion with this decoction. Erideema ends by its use.


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