80 Simple Home Treatment/Remedies for “Diseases of Eyes” its symptoms and reason

Diseases of Eyes

Introduction :

Eye diseases occur due to excessive cold, hurt and many other causes. Consequently, the patient suffers from such symptoms as purulent matter in eyes corner, oozing eyes, red eyes, ache in eyes, eyes swelling and eyesight becomes weak.

Treatment :

  1.  Make a poultice of guava tree leaves and tie it upon eyes. Its use cures eyes swelling, redness and pain.
  2.  Mix one-gram alum in 50 grams rose water. Pour 2 drops of this mixture intp eyes twice or thrice a day. Its use ends eyes redness, pus and many other diseases.
  3.  Eyesight enhances by drinking Indian gooseberry juice. Green coriander ground with Indian gooseberry can also be taken for the treatmenr of eye diseases.
  4.  Boil 20-50 grams thickly ground Indian gooseberry for two hours. Filter it and pour into the eyes thrice a day. Many eye diseases disappear after its use.
  5.  Make a hole in Indian gooseberry fruit growing on the branch of its tree and gather flowing liquid. Apply this liquid around the eyes. Swelling of the white part ends by doing so.
  6.  Early conjunctivitis destroys by pouring indian gooseberry fruit juice into eyes. Horseradish tree leaves’ 4 grams juice and 1\4 part of rock salt can also be used.
  7.  Grind 7 grams Indian gooseberry and immerse in cold water for 2-3 hours, after that squeeze these soaked fruits and throw the pieces of Indian gooseberry and immerse again 7 grams Indian gooseberry in this water and squeeze again. Remaining water should be poured three or four times a day into eyes. Its use ends the disease named eye pupil outgrowth.
  8.  If uarking nut tree’s fruit falls in the eyes, apply cow’s butter into the eyes to get relief.
  9.  Eye pupil outgrowth disappears by applying ground conch in the eyes.
  10.  Night blindness ends by taking cumin seeds’ powder.
  11.  Grind cumin seeds, Indian gooseberry and Indian cotton plant’s leaves. Apply this paste for 21 days upon the head. Night blindness ends by taking this medicine.
  12.  Many eye diseases are cured by eating sugar and dry coconut.
  13.  Sauce prepared by grinding green coriander and trifola enhances eyesight.
  14.  Eye ache ends by tying Negro coffee leaves upon the eyelids.
  15.  Cataract, redness and swelling of the eyes end by pouring Negro tree leaves juice into the eyes or tying its leaves upon the eyes. This method provides relief within one week.
  16.  Night blindness is cured by eating amotha chuda. Mango juice can also be taken.
  17.  If there is ache in the eyes, apply madar milk on the big toe to get relief.
  18.  Beetle juice provides relief in night blindness. Its 2-4 drops should be poured into the eyes in the evening.
  19.  Mix beetle leaves juice with honey and apply in the eyes like collyrium. It provides relief.
  20.  Cataract disappears by applying lotus or neem flower juice mixing with honey.
  21.  Mix rock salt into fresh whey. Weak eye sight comes to an end by taking it.
  22.  Eyesight enhances by drinking sugar cane juice.
  23.  Night blindness, weak eyesight and other eye diseases are cured by taking carrot juice. Vitamin A is found in carrot.
  24.  Mix spinach juice with carrot juice. Its use ends cataract.
  25.  Eat carrot jam to increase eyesight. Its daily intake cures night blindness, cataract and swelling of the eyes.
  26.  Taking tomato juice twice a day is useful for the treatment of weak eyesight, night blindness and other eye diseases.
  27.  Immerse almond kernels in water in the night and grind in the morning. Take it with little milk. Several eye diseases end by its use. Eating kagzi badam is also beneficial for the eyes.
  28.  Stomach diseases end by taking aniseed or its juice. Its use is also beneficial for eyesight.
  29.  Aniseeds collyrium prevents cataract in its early stage.
  30.  Mix sugar candy in aniseed decoction and drink it. Its use ends eye pupil outgrowth.
  31.  Eyesight enhances by the daily use of onion and its use cures pterygium and cataract. It is a very useful medicine for the eyes.
  32.  Night blindness ends by eating it or its leaves after cooking.
  33.  It is very useful for the treatment of eye diseases. One or two ripe bananas should be eaten after having meal. After taking bananas, take hot milk. Bananas should not be taken on empty stomach.
  34.  If a foreign body falls into the eye, pour a little milk into the eye. Foreign body comes out within little time by doing so.
  35.  Grind turmeric and heat a little. Apply it upon the eyelids. Its use cures eye redness, oozing eyes and eyes swelling.
  36.  Extract juice of horseradish tree leaves and mix honey in it. Use it as collyrium. Many eye diseases are cured by its use.
  37.  Grind raw potato on the slab and apply like collyrium in the eyes. Its use cures 5-6 years’ old eye web and 4 years’ old eye pupil outgrowth within 3 months.
  38.  Grind pigeon pea root with water and apply it like collyrium. Its use ends purulent matter.
  39.  Eat black pepper with ghee. This medicine will cure many eye diseases.
  40.  Grind black pepper with honey and apply in the eyes twice a day. Night blindness ends by applying this paste. Take black pepper with sugar and ghee, it is very useful for the treatment of several eye diseases.
  41.  Take black pepper with ghee and sugar candy each in equal quantity twice a day to enhance eyesight.
  42.  Wash eyes with the juice of cabbage, leaves of turnip, lentil pulse, spinach juice, wheat plant’s juice, sugar cane juice, lemon juice, orange juice and juice of triphala. Several eye diseases are cured by its use.
  43.  Walk bare feet on green grass early in the morning and watch towards green grass, it is useful for the treatment of many eye diseases.
  44.  Take sunbath twice a day because sun light has vitamin A and D that are very essential for eyes.
  45.  Take trifala powder and half spoon myrolelans powder with ghee. This formula is very beneficial for the treatment of many eye diseases.
  46.  Eye pain, redness, pricking pain and other eye diseases are cured by applying Indian berberry paste on the closed eyelids in the night before sleeping.
  47.  Mix asafetida with honey and soak a wick of cotton in it. Prepare collyrium by burning this wick. Its use stops oozing eyes water and enhances eyesight.
  48.  Take 10-15 grams juice of mimusops elengi’ mixing with honey twice a day. Its use enhances eyesight.
  49.  Grind liquorice with water and dip a cotton piece in it. Put this cotton piece on the eyes. Eye redness ends by its use.
  50.  Mix liquorice and honey each one spoon with half spoon ghee. Take this preparation twice a day with warm milk. Its use enhances near eyesight.
  51.  Grind gadah purana’s roots with ghee and use as a collyrium. Its use enhances eyesight.
  52.  Mix 1 ml tinospora juice in half spoon honey and apply it in the eyes regularly with the help of surgical probe (salai). Eyes itching, eye ache, cataract and other eye diseases are cured by its use.
  53.  Prepare a lotion by mixing 4 grams tinospora and 2 grams honey. Apply this lotion in the eyes to get relief.
  54.  Water should sprinkle on the eyes early in the morning and after that apply 2 drops neem juice and 4 drops honey.
  55.  Collyrium of bitter oil should be applied in the eyes.
  56.  Mix half spoon nigella oil, two spoons honey into one cup of carrot juice. Drink this medicine twice a day for forty days regularly. Eye redness, cataract, oozing eyes, weak eyesight, weak veins, and other eye diseases are cured by following this formula. You should avoid your eyes from heat and sun. Nigella oil should be applied on the eyelids and around the eyes before going to bed. Do not eat pickles, brinjal, eggs and fish during this treatment.
  57.  Falling eyesigt ends by dripping 2 drops of sesbania grandiflora’s flower juice.
  58.  Night blindness ends by eating sesbania grandiflora’s flower’ after cooking twice a day.
  59.  Boil 250 grams sesbania grandiflora leaves after grinding in 1 kg ghee. Taking 5–10 grams this preparation twcie a day is useful.
  60.  Falling eyesight and eye web end by dripping 2-3 drops of sesbania grandiflora flower’s juice mixing with honey. 2-3 drops of honey comes out when its flower is plucked.
  61.  Falling eyesight and eye web are cured by eating toasted leaves of sesbania grandiflora with ghee.
  62.  Cook lotus root with double quantity of coconut oil. Apply it on the head. There is coolness in head and eyes by its application.
  63.  Grind black pepper with bitter gourd leaves juice in an iron-rusted pot. Its use cures eyes web, eye pupil outgrowth and night blindness. This paste can be applied on the eyelids also.
  64.  Ground saffron with rose water should be poured into the eyes regularly.
  65.  Burn 2 wall nuts and three myrolealans stone and mix this ash with ground powder of four black peppers. Use it as collyrium.
  66.  Drip linseed seeds lotion into the eyes, it is useful for reducing eye redness and burning sensation.
  67.  Apply wood apple leaves or branch powder in the eyes mixing with honey. Many eye diseases are cured by applying this mixture. Use it as collyrium at least twice a day.
  68.  Grind hogweed root with rose water and apply this paste in the eyes at night before going to bed. Its use cures many eye diseases and enhances eyesight. One spoon hogweed leaves’ juice mixing with honey can also be taken thrice a day.
  69.  Grind hogweed root and mix ghee in it. Eye pupil outgrowth ends by applying this paste in the eyes.
  70.  Grind hogweed root and mix honey. Eye redness ends by applying this paste into the eyes like collyrium.
  71.  Grind hogweed with water and apply in the eyes for the treatment of an eye disease in which a patient feels darkness before the eyes.
  72.  Mint has vitamin A which is very necessary for the eyes.
  73.  Pomegranate seeds’ juice ends eye hotness and provides coolness.
  74.  Grind acacia Arabica and mix little honey in it. Use it as collyrium. Its use cures oozing eyes.
  75.  Opium paste is very useful for the treatment of eyes pain and other eyes diseases.
  76.  Mix 2 grams prickly chalf flower root powder with two spoons honey. Eye pupil outgrowth is cured by pouring 2 drops of this paste in the eyes.
  77.  Grind prickly chalf flower’s clean and neat root with rock salt. Mix this preparation with curd water and apply in the eyes like collyrium. Its use ends falling eyesight, conjunctivitis, oozing eyes, eye redness, corneal opacity, night blindness and many other eye diseases.
  78.  Eyeweb destroy by dripping 2 drops of banyan milk into milk.
  79.  Water flows through eyes by the application of castor oil. Therefore, it is called eye washer. Eye pricking ends purulent matter comes out by pouring 2 drops of this oil into the eyes.
  80.  Make a packet of barley flour and tie it on the eyes. Eye swelling generated due to bile disappear.
  81.  If a foreign element falls into the eyes or eye is paining because of smoke, drip little castor oil into the eyes. Give warmth to the eyes after every 25 minutes.
  82.  Mix winter cherry and powder of Indian gooseberry each two grams with 1-gram liquorice powder. One spoon of this medicine should be taken with water twice a day. Its use enhances eye sight.
  83.  Spectacles should be used while going in sunlight.

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