60 Useful Herbs in Children Diseases Treatment/Remedies and Use of Indian Atees in Child Ailments

Useful Herbs in Children Diseases

(Use of Indian Atees in Child Ailments)

Introduction :

The well-known medicine named ativisha is called Indian atees in Sanskrit. It has been called Prvisha, Vishwa, Shreni, Shukalkanda, and Sishu Bhaishajay also. Indian atees is called Kadava in Hindi. It is called Indian atees because it ends poison. It has been using as a medicine since a long time.

There are three types of Indian atees- black Indian atees, white Indian atees and Arun kanda Indian atees. It has pungent juice so it is bitter. Swetkanda and arunkanda have not much bitterness. Swetkanda has several qualities according to Nighantu sangrah. Somewhere, it is differentiated in four types as black, white, red and yellow. Yunani medical science differentiates it in four parts. Indian atees is stimulant, digestive and cures several types of ailments. It is used mostly in children diseases. Giving it is very useful in fever, cough and dysentery. Especially, it is used during dentition.

Famous mixture of Indian atees :

It is a useful mixture of medicines in Ayurveda. It normalizes digestion system and cures diarrhea. It is used while dentition. For it grind 0.48 grams to 0.60 grams Indian atees, small pepper, pistacia integerimma and filter through a cloth. Mix honey in it and give it to the child to lick. Fever, vomiting, cough and breathing problems are cured soon by its use. Except it, a decoction can be prepared by this material. This decoction should be given two or three spoons to child. Decoction is more effective and provides relief soon. Its use cools the burning sensation and cures all stomach diseases. It is more useful because it cures children diseases. Its use provides relief soon in indigestion, sprue problems and pain. It should be given 120-480 milligrams to children and 1200-2400 milligrams to younger one. Only Indian atees powder works magically. Its use also cures fever and vomiting.

Treatment :

  1. Prepare powder by grinding pistacia integerrima, Indian atees, black pepper and nut grass in little quantity. Mix honey with 2-6 grams powder and give to the child to lick. Fever, vomiting and cough are cured by it use.
  2. Boil berbeng seeds with milk and filter it. Give this milk to the child to drink. Child becomes healthy by its use.
  3. All infantile diseases are cured by tying a dordar piece in the child’s neck, hand or hair.
  4. Grind serpentine, kernel of poisonous coconut and strychnus potatorum each 14 grams with rosewater and give child to drink. Its use cures vomiting, dysentery and rickets.
  5. Apply oil on nagar beil, and heat it and put on child’s chest. Put again two same leaves on that leaf. Its use cures breathing problems, heart diseases, catarrh, cough and liver problems of the children.
  6. Prepare a decoction by taking turmeric, Indian berberry, liquorice, wild eggs plant and ovel leaved roseway. Give this decoction to the child to drink. Dysentery, asthma and cough are cured.
  7. Prepare paste by grinding bitter neem leaves, Indian berbery, and liquorice with ghee. Wound heals up soon by applying this paste. If there is no relief in the wound and no medicine is healing up the wound. For curing it, boil water with neem leaves. Wash wound with this water and apply paste on the wound. Every type of wounds whether it is boil or cancer will be healed up by washing wound with this water and applying paste. If the boil has been burst, grind bitter neem leaves and mix honey in it. The wound will heal up by applying this paste.
  8. Mix salt with ghee and rub on the naval thrice a day.Its use provides relief in cracked lips.
  9. Grind melon seed’s kernel with water and apply on the tongue and lips. Its use provides relief in cracked lips and tongue.
  10. If there are lice in the head of a child, grind bitter neem seeds with water and apply in the hair. All lice destroy by its use.
  11. If there is foreign body in child’s ear, drop garden nightshade or the Negro, coffee leaves juice into the ear. If a centipide has been entered into the ear, grind helicteress isora root with castor oil and pour 10-15 drops into the ear. The insect will come outside from the ear after destroying.
  12. Touch prickly chalf flower root to the scorpion biting affected person or give that root only for observing. Poison ends by doing this.
  13. Give gyanandropsis pentaphylla root to the affected person to smell for seven times. Poison of scorpion ends by smelling its root only.
  14. If a person has been suffering from guniaworms (nahru or bala), apply bitter neem’s leaves paste after grinding to get relief.
  15. If hair does not grow anywhere, apply bitter sespadulla leaves’ juice.
  16. If there is baldness on the head, wash head with soap nut leaves juice and apply smooth leaved pongamia oil, lemon juice and bitter wood apple seed’s oil on the head. Alopecia disappears by its use.
  17. Mix ivory ash (elephant teeth) and extract of Indian berberin together. Hair grows by applying this preparation.
  18. For avoiding child from heat burning sunstrokes, keep one bowl of kamal gatta beside the child.
  19. If a person has been affected from burning heat strokes, take one toasted or one raw onion. Grind both onions on a stone piece with 2 grams cumin seed and 20 grams sugar candy. Person gets a lot of relief by eating it.
  20. Grind coriander with water and mix sugar candy in it. Neither burning heat strokes affect nor taking mango creates heat in a person by eating this preparation.
  21. If a person has been affected from fire strokes, grind muskmelon seeds. Apply it on the head and apply juice on the affected portion.
  22. Immerse 6-30 grams clean and neat date palm without stone in milk and after sometime grind them on a stone piece and extract juice through a cloth. This fresh juice should be given to the weak child thrice a day. Juice should be fresh on every time. A weak child will become healthy and strong by its use. This juice should be given after one month from birth not before.
  23. If a child needs of purgation, immerse date palms into the water at night and squeeze in the morning after rubbing. Throw its rubbish material and fill its water in any pot. Give this water to child to drink. Loose motions start by its use. Except it, some rose flower and sugar also can be given to eat. After that, water should be given to drink. It is a treatment only for children. If a young one needs purgation, mix 1.5 grams jaggery syrup mixing with sugar or honey and give to the needy person. Its use creates loose motions. Grind two part dried grapes and one part myrolealans. Constipation ends by taking 8 grams this preparation daily.
  24. If there are pimples on the child’s body, apply the paste of Indian rheubarb wood. If there is a boil, mix ghee with Indian gooseberry ash and apply. If there are a lot of number of boils and pimples, soak Indian gooseberry powder with curd and apply. Neem’s bark ground with water also can be applied.
  25. If there are crack on the feet, mix jaggery, ghee, honey and ochre with women milk each in equal quantity and apply on cracked feet. Feet will become soft like lotus’ petals.
  26. If tummy has been bulge out and you want to reduce it, mix honey in fresh water. Take this thrice a day daily, it provides relief.
  27. If there, is stomach pain, mix aloe vera, turmeric, alum, sal ammoniac and borax with cow urine and apply on the stomach in warm condition. Its use provides relief in stomach pain.
  28. If there are blisters in young child’s mouth, prickly chalf flower leaves should be sucked with cubeb or sugar candy. Prickly chalf flower root can chew. Gargle with honey and fresh water is useful for healing up the wounds of the mouth.
  29. If there are hard pieces in the stool and the child has been suffering from such symptoms as bulging out stomach, rib’s pain, cheeks’ swelling, yellow urine and weakness, it should be considered that mubaraki disease has been attacked. Grind 3 grams inner side bark of black catechue and gall stone equal to kidney bean with cow milk. This preparation should be taken thrice a day early in the morning. Its use provides relief.
  30. If there is deafness because of any reason, filter white catechu through a cloth and mix in hot water. Inject this water in the ear by a syringe. Ear should be washed from backside. Deafness is cured if it was originated by any wounds or chicken pox.
  31. If a child stammers, grind fresh leaves of small Indian pennywort and give to the child to eat. Tongue will become sharp and soft by its regular use for some days.
  32. Onion and jaggery should mix and give it to the child to eat for some days regularly. Child grows soon by taking this. Butter and date palms should be given to the child for mentally growth.
  33.  If there is soil in child’s stomach, give one ripe banana with honey to child to eat.
  34. Prepare decoction by boiling saffron, liquorice, small pepper and terpeth root and bury it in smooth clay. In this way bury it four times and dry four times. Give this clay to the child to eat. Stomach soil will be thrown out by its use.
  35. If there are worms in the child’s stomach or he has been suffering from indigestion, give onion juice to the child to drink.
  36. Extract bitter gourd leaves juice equal to one paise and mix little turmeric in it. Give it to the child to drink if there is stomach pain.
  37. If the child has been suffering from indigestion, abrade saffron with lemon juice and give it to the child to lick. If stool has been choked in the stomach, abrade nutmeg with lemon juice and give it to the child.
  38. Give saffron and camphor as equal as rice and give to the child to eat if there are worms in the stomach.
  39. If a person has been suffering from flatulence, tie ass dung after heating or tie warm mustard chop on the stomach. Besides these, apply ghee on mudar tree leaves and toast and tie on the stomach. Grind asafetida with water and heat it. Apply this paste around the naval to get relief.
  40. If there is corneal opacity in the eye due to chicken pox, abrade prickly chalf flower and apply into the eye like collyrium.
  41. If there is a heat in the child’s eyes, mix sugar candy in onion juice and apply in the eyes. Red sandal can be applied on the eyes.
  42. Eyes’ pain ends by dripping onion juice in the eyes.
  43. Sprinkle rose water into the eyes, it is very useful for the treatment of eyes’ inflammation. Alternatively, grind saffron with honey and apply in the eyes. It is also useful to get relief.
  44. Grind one gram lodh, 1 gram toasted alum, half-gram opium and 4 grams tamarind leaves and make a poultice. Soak it into water and apply upon eyes slowly. Eyes pain reduces by this formula. Grind tamarind leaves, turmeric and alum each in equal quantity and make a poultice. Soak this poultice in water and apply upon eyes. Some drops should pour into the eyes. Its use ends the pain of the eyes.
  45. Grind 3 grams camphor and 1-gram symplocos crataegoides (pathani lodh) to make a poultice. Soak this poultice in water for one hour. Apply this water in the eyes; it is useful. This water can also be poured into the eyes. Its use reduces eye’s pain.
  46. Put one-gram alum and 2 grams uraria lagopoides without grinding to make a poultice and soak into the water. Put this poultice on the eyes. Its use reduces eye redness.
  47. Extract juice of datura leaves and heat. Drop it into the ear. Drop this juice into right ear if there is pain in left eye or if pain is in left eye, pour juice into the right ear.
  48. Extract juice of neem leaves and heat. Pour juice into both ears if there is pain in both eyes. If pain is in left eye, pour juice into right ear or pain is in right eye, pour juice into left eyes. Eye pain ends by the use of this mixture.
  49. Eye pain reduces by applying banyan milk in eyes.
  50. Eye pain reduces by pouring governor’s plum leaves juice into the eyes. Its leaves’ paste can be applied upon the eyes. It creates pain while applying.
  51.  If one has been suffering from night blindness, he should apply onion juice into the eyes. Besides it, he should apply barrengtonia acutangula pulp mixing with goat’s urine. Lahori namak also can be applied. Except it, mix own spit in curd water and apply into the eyes by surgical probe. Ginger juice is also useful for eyes. Mix own spit in black pepper powder and apply in eyes. Its use provides relief in night blindness.
  52. Holy basil is such type of herb, which is used as a very important medicine in Hindu religion. Children, old persons, women and adults all get benefit from it. Holy basil shows its impact magically in all diseases as catarrh, cough, fever, and rickets, running ribs, pneumonia, constipation and diarrhea.
  53. Boil 10 grams holy basil leaves in 20 grams fresh water until it remains 14. Filter it and give to the child to drink in proper dose 2-4 times a day. Its use stops liver enlargement and other liver diseases.
  54. Boil 50 grams holy basil leaves, 20 grams wild or sweet violet and 10 grams liquorice in water. Filter it and prepare treacle with sugar candy syrup.
  55.  If a child has been suffering from pneumonia, mix 10 grams juice of holy basil leaves with 6 grams cow’s ghee and after that heat the whole preparation upon the fire. It can be given once and twice a day. It should not be given during fever because it may be the cause of loose motions. Its use can be harmful in loose motions also.
  56. In the condition of excessive loose motions, grind woodfordia floribunda in holy basil leaves juice and mix mother milk in this preparation. Give this medicine to the child to drink. Its use provides relief.
  57. Grind 14 gram soaked borax in holy basil juice and mix little honey equal to green kidney bean (moong). Prepare tablets of this mixture. One tablet should be given to the child with water. Its use provides relief in vomiting and diarrhea.
  58. Vomiting and diarrhea: Mix puffed rice (kheel) and sugar in Bengal quince root’s decoction. Give this preparation to the child to drink. Its use provides relief in all types of vomiting and diarrhea.
  59. Boil Bengal quince, colocynth, pavonia odorota, gum of silk cotton and nutgrass in goat milk and this preparation should be given to the child to drink. Its use stops blood dysentery and bacillary dysentery.
  60.  Toast the pulp of Bengal quince and mix with jiggery. Give this preparation to the child to eat. Its use ends stomach pain, constipation and blood dysentery.
  61.  Mix 20 grams powder of Bengal quince pulp, 160 grams goat milk, 640 grams water and cook upon low flame until it remains little. After that mix Holarrhena antidysentrica, gum of silk cotton and sugar powder in it. Its use provides relief in blood diarrhea. Note: Above given dose is for adults, this medicine should be given to the child according to age and strength.
  62.  Mix raw Bengal quince pulp, long pepper and dry ginger powder with honey. Give this mixture to the child to lick. Its use cures gastric problems and ends the pain originated due to loose motions.
  63. Bascillary dysentery and blood dysentery are cured by eating Bengal quince jam and its jam’s syrup. Its use is very useful.
  64. Grind Bengal quince pulp, nutgrass, Holarrhena antidysentrica, symplocos crataegoides (pathani lodh), gum of silk cotton and woodfordia floribunda each in equal quantity then use it. Its use provides relief in dysentery and pain.

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