5 Simple Home Treatment/Remedies for “Eyelids and Eyebrow” its symptoms and reason

Eyelids and Eyebrow


What is Eyelids and Eyebrow :

Eyelids and eyebrow get affected from different kinds of disorders. Sometimes, small pimples appear on the eyelids because of which the victim suffers from violent pain, inflammation and pricking when he blinks. In addition to, water keeps on flowing from the eyes.

Treatment :

  1. Apply the ash of shell in the eyes as collyrium. It is very useful for the treatment of the eyes.
  2. Grind 10 grams myrolealans peel and 5 grams gallnut with water. Apply this paste on the eyes. Its use provides relief in eyelids’ diseases.
  3. Eyelids and eyebrow hair grow by massaging with castor’s oil. It should be used on every second day.
  4. Rub lemon juice mixed camphor on the eyelids to get relief.
  5. Keep fast and take only water. Don’t apply collyrium in the eyes and drink bael juice. Its use provides relief in granular trachoma.

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