5 Simple Home Eye Treatment/Remedies for “Trachoma (Rohe)” its symptoms and reason



What is  Trachoma (Rohe) :

Trachoma is very dangerous eye disease. Generally, this disease is called ‘rohe’. It can take another person in its grasp only by shaking hands. Mostly people in the world become blind due to this disease.

Causes :

Trachoma occurs because of germs’ infection. Its germs can reach one person to another healthy person easily. An affected person from this disease touches his eyes repeatedly due to unbearable burning sensation and pain. He touches his eyes by hands or hanky. Germs come on the hands or hanky by doing so. Mostly, this disease can take more and more people in its grasp in Rajasthan because of sandy areas. When sand particles enter into eyes, eyelids are rubbed by hands because of restlessness. Wounds occur in the eyes because of rubbing the eyes. Swelling comes on these wounds and small pimples of trachoma occur.

Symptoms :

There is an excessive burning sensation and pain in Trachoma pimples. In lack of treatment, these pimples grow and change into wounds in the eyes and destroy eyesight. In this condition, eyelids hair folds towards eyes and deepens these wounds. Living in dusty and smoky areas is very harmful for the eyes. Thus, this disease becomes serious and there is doubt of falling eyesight. Eyesight has gone because of folding eyelids hair towards the eyeball and rubbing in the cornea. The patient becomes blind fully. This disease affects both the eyes. If family member has been suffering from this disease, other persons should remain far from that patient. Children become blind soon because of this disease rather than elders.

Treatment :

  1. Immerse 30 grams triphala in 300 ml. water and filter this water through a cloth in the morning. Wash the eyes with this water; it is very useful for the eyes in this disease.
  2. Boil 10 grams triphala, 5 grams rock salt, 5 grams alum and 100 grams neem leaves in 300 ml. water. Filter it. Swelling reduces by washing eyes in this water.
  3. Grind 100 grams pomegranate’s green leaves and dry. Apply this powder in the eyes like collyrium twice or thrice a day, it cures Trachoma.
  4. Mix 25 ml horseradish tree juice with equal amount of pure honey and fill it into a bottle of glass. Many eye diseases are cured by applying this powder into the eyes with the help of surgical probe.
  5. Trachoma is cured by applying prickly poppy milk in the eyes with the help of surgical probe.
  6. Fill prickly poppy milk into a jar of glass and leave it for some days to dry until it thickens a lot. Prepare tablets of this preparation. Grind one tablet and mix with butter with it. Apply it in the eyes. Its use ends blindness.
  7. Grind chalkboard seeds on slab and use as collyrium to get relief in Trachoma.

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