5 Simple Home Child Diseases Treatment/Remedies for “Infantile Convulsion” its symptoms and reason

Infantile Convulsion

What is Infantile Convulsion :

Nervous system is very feeble in childhood, which stimulates soon. This stimulation appears in the form of clonus, trembling and unconsciousness. Often, it occurs due to hurt, stomach worms and dentition. Infantile convulsion occurs only in childhood. The disease ends slowly as soon as the child grows. Therefore, it is called infantile convulsion.

Treatment :

  1.  Mix cassia (tezpatta) powder with honey or ghee and give to the child to lick. Its use provides relief in all infantile disease.
  2.  Prepare small tablets by taking aloe vera and jundvestraeach one gram. Give one tablet to the child with mother milk. Its use provides relief.
  3.  Heat 125 ml mustard oil. Mix 4 grams real vermilion in this hot oil and shake well this mixture with a stick of wood. Mix 6 grams black pepper powder when this mixture turns into pink colour. Shake it with a stick of wood twice or thrice and put down. Filter it after cooling. Massage with this oil on the soft part of the child. Infantile convulsion will reduce within 2-3 days by its use.
  4.  Put 20 cloves in a cloth piece like talisman (tabeez) and tie it in the neck. Infantile convulsion will stop within little time.
  5.  Epilepsy and infantile convulsion are cured if pyllitory root is tied in the neck.
  6.  Infantile convulsion stops by wearing garland of wolf tooth in the neck.

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