5 Simple Home Child Diseases Treatment/Remedies for “Diarrhoea” its symptoms and reason


Treatment By Different Medicines :

There is no need to break mother milk when the child falls ill due to diarrhea but meal should be changed as mixing curd in mixed heap (patli khichdi) and feeding banana by rubbing well.

When there is a lack of water, salt and sodium in the child’s body due to excessive vomiting and loose motions, it is called diarrhea. In such condition a mixture prepared by mixing sugar and salt should give to the child to drink constantly. Diarrhea means a child suffers from loose motions like water because of which there is lack of water and salt in child’s body. This disease takes 6 months to two years old child in its grasp.

Homely method of preparing sugar-salt mixture:

Mix one pinch of ground salt or one pinch baking soda and one spoon sugar in a glass boiled water. Dissolve it properly and fill into a glass pot. (If you want to mix glucose, it should be half than sugar and if you want to mix jiggery, it should be as equal as a beetle nut). Give 1-2 spoons of this mixture to the child to drink at the regular interval of every half hour until diarrhea ends or child urinates two times.

This type of mixture should be prepared again after 12 hours and the previous mixture should be thrown away. The mixture, balanced diet of sugar and salt avoids child from the bed results of diarrhea. Food should not break but feed to the child during and after diarrhea. Mother milk and water should be given also. Normal water can be given. Along with pulse water, curd water, coconut water and other liquid material also should be given to the affected children. Rubbed banana should be given to two years old children. Curd and rice are the best foodstuffs for two years old child. Solid food should not be started just after stopping loose motions. Milk should be given after removing cream (malai). After that eatable food stuffs should be given to the children as dilute mash (daliya) and mixed heap (khichdi). Start juice and soups of fruits and vegetables. Normal food should be given to the affected child gradually. Mostly, diarrhea is normal and there is no lack of water in the body.

For avoidance from dehydration :

The sugar-salt mixture, lassi of fresh milk, salty whey and coconut oil should be given to the child. Drying tongue and mouth, abnormal breathing, irritation, sensation of weakness, blood with stool, vomiting, lack of urine and serious condition of the child are the dangerous symptoms of dehydration. If a child has any symptoms all of these, take ORS powder from the nearest W.H.O center. ORS contains glucose, salt, baking soda, potassium chloride according to W.H.O. The child should be admitted in the hospital also. Soft and humid tongue, normal sole and eyes, tears in the eyes, urinating minimum two times and lack in thirst are the symptoms of re-dehydration. All symptoms are the symbols of healthy person.

Treatment :

  1.  Mix honey in cinnamon and white catechu powder each in 1\4 gram. Give this preparation to the child to eat. Diarrhea is cured by its use.
  2.  Prepare a decoction by boiling 7-28 ml mango kernel and the kernel of raw fruit of Bengal quince. This decoction should be taken thrice a day. Diarrhea is cured by its use.
  3.  Prepare a decoction by boiling 7-28 ml mango kernel and the kernel of raw fruit of Bengal quince. This decoction should be taken thrice a day. Diarrhea is cured by its use.
  4.  Prepare a decoction by boiling 7-14 ml Bengal quince root and give 10-20 grams paddy puffed (dhan ke lava) with this decoction to the patient thrice a day.
  5.  Abrade holarrhena antidysentrica root with whey water and mix little asafetida in it and give to the child to drink.
  6.  Abrade nutmeg with water and give half spoon to the child to drink twice or thrice a day.
  7.  Mix ground cinnamon in milk and give to the patient to drink. The dose should be double for young persons.
  8.  Apply banyan milk in the child’s naval; it is very useful in all the types of loose motions. Its milk should be given to the child by pouring on the spongy sugar cake.

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