40 Simple Home Treatment/Remedies for “Eyes Ache” its symptoms and reason

Eyes Ache

What is Eyes Ache :

Sometimes, it happens that there is no redness, swelling and other disease in the eyes in medical check up but there is ache in the eyeballs, is because of ligament disorders.

Treatment :

  1.  Mix 6-10 grams mahatrifola ghee with equal quantity of sugar candy. Take this medicine twice a day. Its use ends eyes pain, redness, swelling and other eye diseases. In addition to, wash your eyes three or four times a day with triphala water.
  2.  If any foreign element falls in your eye and the eye is aching, drip 1-2 drops of honey and caster oil into the eyes. The foreign element comes out and there will be no ache in eyes.
  3.  Mix Neem fruit’s pulp and honey together and use as a collyrium.
  4.  Application of honey in eyes with the help of a surgical probe proves beneficial in eyes ache.
  5.  Decoction of Indian gooseberry seeds reduces eyes achie Immerse Indian gooseberry powder with little water in the night and wash the eyes with this water. Its use reduces eyes ache.
  6.  Grind magnolia flowers with sesame oil and bind this paste on the head. Its paste can be applied on the eyelids also. Its use ends eyes ache.
  7.  Grind 1\2 gram alum and mix 20 ml rose water in it. Drip it into the eyes twice or thrice a day. The patient gets relief with this medicine.
  8.  Mix 2 grams ground alum, 1\2 gram opium into 40 ml rose water and filter it through a cloth. Apply it in the eyes thrice a day.
  9.  Grind alum and nitre each 3 grams and filter through a cloth. Mix 60 ml rose water in it. The ache of eyes ends by pouring this medicine into the eyes.
  10.  Grind 1-gram alum and mix in 40 ml rose water. Drip this lotion into the eyes twice or thrice a day with the help of a dropper. Its use ends eyes ache, redness and purulent matter. It is the best medicine for eyes ache. Boiled after cooling or distil water can also be used in place of rose water.
  11.  Dip a piece of alum into water and drip the falling drops from the piece into the eyes twice or thrice a day. Its use provides a lot of relief.
  12.  Grind well plum stone with water and filter it. Drip this preparation into the eyes to get relief in eyes redness and ache.
  13.  If there is ache in the eyes, extract juice from the ripe datura leaves or soft neem leaves and pour this juice into the ear. The ache of eyes ends by pouring this juice into the ear. Datura or neem leaves mixed juice can also be poured.
  14.  Dissolve salt in hot water. Soak a cloth in this water and foment the eyes with this cloth. Its use provides relief.
  15.  Extract juice of coach grass and apply on the eyelids. Coach Grass paste can also be bound on the eyelids. The ache of the eyes and burning sensation ends by doing this. Falling eyesight ends by its use. This medicine should be used for some days regularly.
  16.  Grind almond kernel with one-piece camphor and apply it on the eyes. Its use provides relief in conjunctivitis.
  17.  Filter toasted borax through a cloth and apply it in the eyes with the help of a surgical probe.
  18.  When there is a doubt of conjunctivitis, close your eyes achie side ear with little cotton. The patient gets a lot of relief within 2-3 hours after its use.
  19.  Many eyes diseases are cured by washing the eyes with liquorice decoction. Eyes burning sensation ends and eyesight enhances by taking liquorice root powder mixing with aniseed powder twice a day.
  20.  Eat bread with ground sugar or spongy sugar cake, it ends eyes ache.
  21.  Pour 1 part sugar and three part ground corianders in boiling water and leave it for one hour. Filter this through a cloth and fill it into a bottle. Drip 2-3 drops into aching eyes for 2-3 days to get relief.
  22.  Apply ground chireta on the eyelids to enhance eyesight and for the treatment of many eye diseases.
  23.  Grind opium and Boliospermum montanum with limejuice on iron griddle and apply this paste on the eyes. Many eye diseases disappear by its use.
  24.  Grind marigold leaves and make a tablet. Put this packet on the closed eyelids. Its use provides relief soon.
  25.  Grind cardamom seeds and sugar each in equal quantity and mix 4 grams castor oil in it. Its use gives coolness to eyes and brain as well enhances eyesight.
  26.  Camphor powder should be applied in the eyes. Some people apply it to remain far from sleeping.
  27.  Mix turmeric powder in aloe vera pulp and heat it. Tie it on the soles in a pleasant condition to get relief in eyes ache.
  28.  Eye redness and hotness end by applying aloe vera pulp in the eyes. It is also useful in viral conjunctivitis.
  29.  Mix 1\4 gram opium with 1-gram aloe vera pulp and prepare a packet. Immerse this packet in water and bind on the eyes. Drip 1-2 drops into the eyes to get relief in eyes ache.
  30.  Eye diseases end by pouring rose flower juice into the eyes.
  31.  Grind 20-30 wild eggplant leaves and prepare a paste. Bind this paste on the eyes. Its use ends eyes ache.
  32.  Grind red chilly and prepare a thick paste. Apply this paste on the nail of the toe. If both eyes are aching, apply this past on the both toes nails.
  33.  Apply milk, which comes out from the roots of pipal tree leaves. Its use ends eyes ache.
  34.  Grind pomegranate leaves and apply it on the eyelids. Its use ends eyes ache.
  35.  Application of Broyphyllum Calycunumsalisb juice around the eyes ends eyes ache.
  36.  Grind dry ginger and ruddle with water and apply it on the eyes. Eye diseases disappear by its use.
  37.  Eyes pain and burning sensation end by applying ground acacia tree leaves poultice on the eyelids.
  38.  Drip the juice of acacia Arabica soft leaves into eyes to get relief in eyes ache. Its juice can be mixed with women milk. Eye swelling ends by its use.
  39.  Prepare a packet of acacia Arabica leaves and bind it on the eyes at night. Remove it in the morning. Eye redness and pain disappear by its use.
  40.  Prepare a paste by grinding Persian lilac fruits. A person gets a lot of relief in conjunctivitis by tying this paste on the eyelids.
  41.  Persian lilac fruit’s paste ends eyes ache caused due to bile. Its use ends eyes pain caused due to heat also. This formula should follow for some days regularly.
  42.  Extract juice of Persian lilac soft and fresh leaves. Grind it in mortar and dry. Mix 3 grams bhimsaini camphor in it while grinding it. Cataract, watery eyes, redness, itching, granular trachoma and other eyes diseases disappear by applying this paste in the eyes.

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