4 Simple Home Child Diseases Treatment/Remedies for “Conjunctivitis” its symptoms and reason


Symptoms :

Conjunctivitis is a disease of milk sucking child. Swelling comes on the eyelids in this disease. There is a itching and redness on the eyelids. Water flows through eyes in this disease. Child rubs his forehead, eyes and nose constantly. The child cannot bear sun viz he cannot look in sunshine.

Treatment :

  1. Eyes should be washed with the decoction of Indian gooseberry(Aamlaki fruit) powder, Lakuch phal and jambul leaves.
  2. Prepare a decoction by taking Myrolealans, Draksha and long pepper. This 7-14 ml decoction should be given to the mother twice a day.
  3. Prepare a decoction by taking Trichosanthus Dioica fruit, Mustakmool, Draksha, Tinospora stem and Triphala. This decoction 7-14 ml should be given to the mother to drink twice a day.
  4. Grind Mustakmool, Haridra (turmeric), Indian Berberry bark and long pepper fruit to prepare a paste. Apply this paste on the breast of the mother.

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