15 Simple Home Child Diseases Treatment/Remedies for “Infantile Diarrhea” its symptoms and reason

Infantile Diarrhea

(Bacillary Dysentery)

Symptoms :

Child evacuates yellow and blue stool or blood with stool in this disease. There is a deficiency of water in the body in this disease. Excessive thirst, sensation of burning sensation, unconsciousness and inflamed ani are other Symptoms of this disease.

The stool of children is pinkish, yellow, red or white in colour and the children cry while evacuating. There are small hard stones in the stool or it may be in the form of greasy, alkali, full of fain and oily. A child patient suffers from thirst, burning sensation and unconsciousness in this disease. There can be a wound around the anus.

Treatment :

  1.  Take one spoon of caraway juice twice a day to get a lot of relief in dysentery.
  2.  Prepare decoction by boiling 3-6 grams holarrhena antidysentrica wall with nut grass. Mix honey in this decoction and give to the child to drink twice a day. Its use stops infantile dysentery.
  3.  Give 3-6 grams powder of rauwolfia serpentine (sarpgandha) fruit with Indian birthwort to the child. Its use provides relief in infantile dysentery.
  4.  Dissolve 240-480 milligrams sugar with little water and give this mixture to the affected child. Its use provides relief in infantile dysentery.
  5.  Mix 1-3 grams cassia powder with honey or ginger juice and give it to the child. Its use cures all stomach diseases of the children.
  6.  Digestion system becomes well by taking 1-2 spoons decoction of andropogan jawarancusa and stool comes easily like before.
  7.  Mix 10 drops milk of cluster fig tree with milk and give to the child. Its use provides relief in both diseases infantile diarrhea and bacillary dysentery. Its use stops vomiting and ends weakness.
  8.  Give 10-20 ml juice of jambul bark with goat’s milk, twice a day; it is useful for the treatment of infantile dysentery.
  9.  Grind nut grass, dry ginger, Indian atees, over leaved roseway, pauonia odorata and prepare a decoction. Its 10-15 ml quantity should be given to the children.
  10.  Prepare a decoction by boiling dry ginger, root of ativisha, winter cherry and colocynth. Give it to the child thrice a day relief.
  11.  Give 10-15 grams powder of red toon Indian mahagony tree branch after heating, twice a day to get relief in chronic infantile dysentery.
  12.  Prepare the powder by grinding Bengal quince pulp, woodfordia floribunda, root of pauonia odorata, lodh peel and scindapsus officinalis. This powder should give with honey to the child twice a day to get relief.
  13.  Give powder of aamratak, jambul fruit and mango pulp powder with honey thrice a day, it provides relief in diseases pertaining to diarrhea.
  14.  Boil 12 grams Bengal quince powder and mango pulp in 250-milliliter water until it remains 125 milliliter. Give this decoction to the affected children twice or thrice a day. All diarrhea diseases end by the use of this preparation.

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