10 Simple Home Treatment/Remedies for “Stomach Enlargement of the Children” its symptoms and reason

Stomach Enlargement of the Children


What is Stomach Enlargement of the Children :

Sometimes, stomach enlarges with liver and spleen enlargement or because of hands and feet weakness. In this disease, a child eats very much and sometimes, he wants nothing to eat. The child becomes weak day by day. Sometimes, stomach enlarges by drinking dirty water or blood impurity.

Treatment :

  1.  Give 1-3 grams cassia powder to children to get relief in all the diseases.
  2.  Give 1\4 grams panchang or 2-4 spoons decoction of rattan purash twice a day to get relief in all the children diseases.
  3.  Mix 1 spoon ghee in edipta Alba juice and give to the child to lick. Its use ends reduces the enlargement of the children stomach.
  4.  Give honey mixing with cold water like syrup to the child to drink, it reduces enlargement of the stomach.
  5.  The juice of horseradish tree leaves reduces enlarged stomach of the child by drinking it only for three days.
  6.  Grind costus root and mix rose water in it. Apply this preparation on the stomach of the child at night. If its application is possible during day, apply it. However, it should be tied with the help of a cloth. Its use stops enlargement of the stomach.
  7.  Use of 3-5 drops of Artemisia vulgaris panchang juice provides relief in the stomach enlargement of the children or all types of pain. This medicine should be taken twice a day.
  8.  Mix one spoon cow ghee with one spoon juice of horse radish tree barks and give it to child to drink once a day. Enlargement of the stomach reduces by its use within three days only.
  9.  If the child has been suffering from constipation and amoebic dysentery, coriander and dry ginger juice should be given to the child to drink. Its use ends stomach pain also.

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