10 Simple Home Treatment/Remedies for “Naktandhya and Nakulandhya” its symptoms and reason

Naktandhya and Nakulandhya


What is Naktandhya and Nakulandhya  :

This disease occurs because of kapha disorder in which the patient is unable to observe at night but he can see easily during day light.

Treatment :

  1.  Toast leptadenid reticuleta leaves with pure ghee and take it thrice a day. Its use provides relief in both diseases naktandhya and Nakulandhya.
  2.  Toast about 15 ml juices of sesbenia grandiflora or about 15-25 grams sesbenia grandiflora powder mixing with 10 grams pure ghee. Both diseases are cured by taking this medicine twice a day.
  3.  Prepare collyrium by taking Kapitha flower and stem’s fine powder or make paste by taking its ash and honey. Its use provides relief in these both diseases.
  4.  Prepare tablets by taking white or blue lotus flower’s saffron washed in fresh cow’s dung juice. Grind a tablet with rose water and apply it in the eyes as collyrium. Its use provides relief in both diseases.
  5.  To get relief in both diseases apply 10 grams Indian olileanum juice mixing with honey in the eyes twice a day.
  6.  Mix one-gram cuttle fish bone, 5 grams woman milk and honey properly. Apply this preparation in the eyes as collyrium twice a day. Its use cures naktandhya and Nakulandhya.
  7.  Grind Jati flowers, bondue nut seeds and seeds of Shignu or flower. Use this preparation as collyrium.
  8.  Heat Indian barberry powder mixing with woman milk and prepare paste. Apply this paste as collyrium for the treatment of both diseases.
  9.  Mix udumbar leaves powder into hot water and make thick paste. Use it as collyrium to get relief.
  10.  Dip gamelina arberea, myrolealans powder and aamlaki’s poultice into clean water. Drip few drops of this poultice into the eyes. Its use is a very good remedy for the treatment of both theses diseases.
  11.  Make a poultice of liquorice root powder and immerse it into white rose flower’s juice. Drip few drops into the eyes of this poultice. Its use provides relief in both diseases.
  12.  Mix 10 ml woman milk in 1\2 gram rasajana and drip its 2-4 drops into the eyes. Alternatively, dissolve one-gram rasajana in 10 ml clean water and mix 10 ml honey in it. Its 2-4 drops should be dropped in the eyes everyday.

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