10 Simple Home Treatment/Remedies for “Lachrymatites (lachrymal fistula)” its symptoms and reason


(lachrymal fistula)

What is Lachrymatites (lachrymal fistula) :

Pus comes out from eyes constantly if there is a sore in lachrymal gland. Water also comes along with pus from the eyes. White or yellow pus remains in the eyes corner. It is not necessary that there is redness in the eye because chronic inflammation changes into wounds.

Treatment :

  1.  Application of gold thread as collyrium in the eyes provides a lot of relief in many eye diseases.
  2.  Grind two pieces of soapstone with castor oil. Make a wick with this paste and put it on lachrymal fistula. Its use provides relief.
  3.  Grind elephant creeper with water and apply it with a cotton wick on lachrymatites.
  4.  Heat honey and mix ground cuttle fish bone in it. After some time make a wick of it and apply on lachrymatites. Its use fills the lachrymatites.
  5.  Grind it with woman milk and use it as collyrium. Lachrymatites is cured completely by using it for some days regularly.
  6.  Boil white collyrium in triphala decoction and woman milk for seven times separately. After that grind it and mix honey in it. Many eye diseases disappear by applying this paste in the eyes twice or thrice a day.
  7.  The eyes should be washed with triphala water necessarily everyday.
  8.  Mix 6-10 grams panchtikt ghee with cold milk. A patient gets a lot of relief by taking this milk daily.
  9.  Grind Balanites roxburghii fruit with water and use as collyrium in the eyes.
  10.  If there is a pimple on the eyelids, foment it with a cloth soaked in hot water for three minutes and after that foment that pimple with cloth soaked in cold water. Pimples disappear within two days by its use.

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