10 Simple Home Eye Treatment/Remedies for “Keratitis” its symptoms and reason


What is Keratitis :

Lot of water comes from the eyes in this disease named keratitis. Eyes close because of swelling, pain and when the patient goes in light.

Treatment :

  1.  Toast clean and neat fruit of nut grass with ghee. Grind it and apply in the eyes. Keratitis swelling disappears within 3-4 days.
  2.  Keratitis swelling disappears by taking 10 to 20 ml Indian privet leaves juice twice a day regularly for some days.
  3.  Take about 4-6 gram croton oblongifolius root’s peel with Indian privet’s leaves juice and smooth leaved ponogamia. Its use provides relief fully in Keratitis swelling.
  4.  Several eye diseases end by dripping sesbenia grandiflora leaves and flower juice into the nose. Its use provides good relief in many eye diseases.
  5.  Keratitis swelling and many other eye diseases disappear by the application of the ash of cocoon.
  6.  It is very useful for the treatment of several eye diseases. Golden thread should be applied in the eyes as collyrium.
  7.  Cook white collyrium in triphala decoction seven times and cook again it in woman milk seven times. Filter this powder through a cloth. Many eye diseases are cured by applying this powder.
  8.  Grind triphla with water and apply this paste on the eyes. It cures eye diseases occurred due to vaata, pitta and kapha disorders.
  9.  Many diseases of eyes as eye swelling, pain and redness ends by dripping buffalo milk into the eyes.
  10.  Mix 6-10 grams sugar with mahatriphla ghee in equal quantity. This medicine specially cures eyes’ burning sensation, swelling and many other eye diseases occurred due pitta disorder. Eyes should be washed with triphla water twice or thrice a day along with this treatment.
  11.  Fold a cloth many times in equal layers and heat it. Eyes pain disappears by fomenting with this cloth.

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