10 Simple Home Eye Treatment/Remedies for “Dark Circles Around Eyes” its symptoms and reason

Dark Circles Around Eyes

Reason :

Black and dark circles appear around the eyes due to lack of iron and calcium in meal. These dark circles take place because of excessive anger and worry. Thinking always about sex can be the cause of dark circles under the eyes.

Treatment :

  1. Mix little gram flour in one spoon tomato juice, half spoon lemon juice and one pinch turmeric. Prepare a thick paste. Apply this paste around the eyes for 10 minutes. Rub slowly this paste before drying it. Follow this method for some days regularly. This method removes the dark circles around the eyes.
  2. Ripe tomatoes are the best source of vitamin A, C or iron. Therefore, its use is beneficial for health. Drink half glass of carrot juice or eat raw carrot, it is also very useful.
  3. Squeeze half lemon in 125 grams tomato juice and mix 5-7 ground mint leaves with black salt according to taste. A person gets rid of constipation, stomach worms, boils and pimples by taking this juice twice a day. Dark colour fairs by taking this.
  4. Mix equal amount of almond oil and honey properly. Apply few drops around the dark circles slowly at night before going to bed. Its use provides relief soon. Only olive oil can also be used in place of almond oil and honey. Black dark circles will disappear by applying this medicine within 2-3 weeks. Its use ends face wrinkles also.
  5. Immerse five kernels of almond into water at night and chew them properly in the morning. Alternatively, grind them into fine paste and take with 250 grams milk regularly for 21 days. Its use provides relief surely.
  6. Apply one spoon gulkand prepared from pure (deshi) rose flowers upon the eyelids at night.
  7. Immerse cotton piece into cucumber juice and put on eyelids and around the eyes for some time. Dark circles around the eyes disappear by doing so for 2-3 weeks regularly.

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