10 Simple Home Eye Treatment/Remedies for “Corneal Ulcer” its symptoms and reason

Corneal Ulcer

What is Corneal Ulcer :

Swelling comes in corneal ulcer affected eye and water comes from it. Besides this eye ache, eye wounds and many other diseases occur. This disease occurs due to diphtheria, syphilis, eyes’ swelling, hurt and pricking of the eyes.

Note: Constant flow of the water from the eyes is called oozing eyes.

Treatment :

  1.  Toast clean and neat nut grass fruit with ghee and grind it. Corneal ulcer becomes well within 3-4 days by applying it in the eyes.
  2.  Prepare ash by burning coral tree peel by applying ghee in its inner side. Prepare collyrium with this ash. Its use is very beneficial for the treatment of several eye diseases.
  3.  If water comes from the eyes, grind Barregtonia Cutangula with rose water and apply this paste into the eyes twice or thrice a day. Its use provides a lot of relief.
  4.  The patient gets a lot of relief in several diseases by applying gold thread in the eyes.
  5.  Grind 6 grams mahatriphla ghee and mix with 10 grams sugar candy. All eye diseases are cured by taking it twice a day.
  6.  Mix 1\4 gram copper sulfate well with 10 grams sugar candy. Corneal ulcer is cured fully by applying this preparation in the eyes.
  7.  Grind 2 part yellow myrolealans (harar), 3 part Beleric myrobalans and four Indian gooseberry kernels and filter it. Prepare tablets by mixing little water in it. These tablets can be applied in the eyes in need mixing with honey or water. Corneal ulcer is cured with its use.
  8.  Burn olibanum and mix with rosewater, and wash your eyes with this preparation once or twice a day. Its use provides relief in this disease.
  9.  Make thick acacia Arabica decoction by boiling and apply 3-4 times in the eyes mixing with honey. Its use cures corneal ulcer, wounds and oozing eyes fully.
  10.  Wash hogwed root with clean and neat water. Grind it. Apply it in the eyes mixing with honey twice or thrice a day. Its use provides a lot of relief.
  11.  Corneal ulcer is cured by applying ground plum stone in the eyes like collyrium. Its use cures oozing eyes.
  12.  Grind Balanites roxburghii fruit with water and apply it in the eyes. Its use cures corneal ulcer and oozing eyes.
  13.  Eyes should be washed with triphala water twice or thrice a day.

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