10 Simple Home Child Diseases Treatment/Remedies for “Diphtheria” its symptoms and reason



What is Diphtheria :

The disease Diphtheria takes 1-5 years old children in its grasp. Diphtheria occurs due to polluted blood according to doctors.

A membrane generates in the throat of the patient, which spreads in all direction slowly. The patient suffers from low temperature and the glands of the throat swell. The patient feels difficulty while eating and breathing. The condition of the patient keeps on becoming worse day after day. There is a doubt of pneumonia and paralysis to the patient in this disease.

Symptoms :

In the worse condition of this disease, the patient suffers from high fever and his body suffers from cramp. Some children suffer from vomiting and loose motions. Children feel restlessness and their nerve pulsation becomes fast about (140). The whole body heats like fire due to high temperature. Patient’s face becomes red. A swelling comes on tonsils and white and brown spots appear them. All spots mingle to each other and changes into mucus membrane. The child patient feels trouble while breathing due to membrane in trachea. Some children suffer from epistaxis also. The quantity of urine also reduces. Children feel drowsy all the time and they are not able in breathing while sleeping due to membrane. Consequently, the patient dies in the lack of breathing.

Treatment :

  1.  Give 60 grams clean garlic pods to the patient within a period of 3-4 hours. If the patient feels troubles in taking these pods because of bed smell, immerse these pods into whey after peeling well for 3-4 days. Its smell ends by doing this but its qualities will remain like before. Give 60 grams garlic pods to the patient after cleansing the throat membrane. If the patient is child, mix 20-30 drops of garlic pods in syrup (sharbat) and give to the child to lick within 3-4 hours. In this way diphtheria is cured.
  2.  Boil four ordinary shaped betel leaves in water and gargle with this water or mix one drop of betel leaf oil in 125 ml hot water and say to the patient for inhaling the vapor of this water. Diphtheria is cured by doing this surely.
  3.  Put some powder of trichosanthus palmate root or fruit juice in hubble-bubble and say to the patient to smoke. Its use provides relief in diphtheria. It should be done twice or thrice a day.
  4.  Throat burning sensation ends by gargling with the decoction of black pepper twice or thrice a day.
  5.  Throat burning sensation and infection both are cured by gargling or drinking cinnamon decoction.
  6.  Prepare a decoction by boiling 1\4 grams powder of zanthoxylum alatum’s fruit. Drink or gargle of this decoction to get relief from throat problems.
  7.  Diphtheria ends by drinking pineapple juice. Throat also becomes clean by its use. It is a very good medicine for this disease. Pepsin is found in fresh pineapple. Its use provides a lot of relief in throat hoarseness.
  8.  Pour onion juice in boiling water and say to the child to inhale the steam. Diphtheria viruses destroy soon by this steam.
  9.  Mix glycerin in papaya juice and apply in throat’s inner side with the help of cotton piece. Its use provides relief.
  10.  Boil neat and clean root of pudding pipe tree in water for a long time and filter. Say to the child to gargle. Gargling with this water provides relief to the child.
  11.  Mix toasted borax in betel leaf juice and apply in the throat. Diphtheria is cured by its use.

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